Chintaro has a function that is used to record Bond Transactions. Bond Transactions must be kept separate to the Tenancy Transactions ledger as Bonds do not form part of what the Tenant owes your Organisation in Rent or Non-Rent charges.

Depending on how the Tenant will pay the Bond will determine how you record and manage the Bond payments. To access the Bond Transactions function from the Tenancy Record, click 

Bond paid in full in one lump sum

Enter the Bond Amount in the Bond Amount field, and enter the date the Tenant paid you the bond in the Bond Lodged field.Click

The Bond Transaction pop up will open, where you enter the Transaction Type as a Bond Payment. Enter the Date the Tenant paid the bond, the full Amount of Bond and any Comments.

Click  to add the Bond Payment to the Bond Ledger

When you transfer the Bond to the Bond Authority, enter the date you transferred the Bond in the Transferred Date field

When you receive a Reference Number for the Bond you lodged from the relevant Bond Authority, enter the Bond Reference number in the Bond Reference field

Enter the Bond Registration number in the Bond Registration number field

Exit the Bond Transactions function, and upon re-entering, the balance of the Bond should be $0.00

You can create a receipt for the Bond Payment, by double clicking on the transaction, and clicking . Microsoft Word will open with a Word Merge Receipt for the Bond Payment.  

Bond paid off over time - Bond Loan

If your Tenant is paying off a Bond Loan, enter the Bond Amount in the Bond Amount field. Tick the  box. This box indicates that your Organisation is providing a Bond Loan to the Tenant and they are paying it off in this fashion.  If the Tenant has paid you an initial payment, click The Bond Transaction pop up will open, where you enter the Transaction Type as a Bond Payment. Enter the Date the Tenant paid the bond, the Amount of Bond the Tenant made for their initial payment and any Comments.

Click  to add the initial Bond Payment to the Bond Ledger. 

The Bond Payment will now appear in the Bond Ledger. The Total balance will updated to reflect the Tenant’s balance.

Bond Payments will usually be part of a regular Centrepay, WINZ or Bank Deposit which will be an automated payment each fortnight to the Bond Ledger. To set up a Payment Split for a Bond Payment, click the Payment Arrangements button (Click here to view the Solution for Setting Up Payment Arrangements and Splits Payment Arrangements), and select Bond Payment from the Transaction Type field.