Forecast (or Long-Term) Maintenance is used to budget for the types of works that your Organisation will conduct on your Properties to maintain their asset value.

Forecast Maintenance Tasks are entered the same way that Responsive Maintenance Tasks are entered, however the Maintenance Type selected will be something like ‘Upgrade’.

 Creating an Inventory Item for the Forecast Maintenance

NOTE: Before you enter a Forecast Maintenance Task, you will need to ensure that there is an Inventory Item in the Property that you will link the Forecast Maintenance to. Click here to view how to add an Inventory Item to a Property. You can either use 'General', or create a new Inventory Item (EG External Painting, Kitchen Upgrade, Replace Floor Coverings, etc.) 

If you choose to enter a new Inventory Item for Forecast Maintenance, you won't need to use all fields on the Inventory Item screen, but the Item's details will look similar to the example below with a Maintenance Type as Upgrade/Forecast:

 Adding a Maintenance Task for Forecast Maintenance

When you've entered an Inventory Item to the Property, click 'Add Maintenance Task'.

Enter the appropriate fields of information for the task, remembering to change the Scheduled Start Date on the right hand side of the screen:


Click the Forecast Task button at the top of the screen. Tick the Forecast Task box. This will inactivate the 'Action' section (you will not be able to send the Maintenance Task to a Tradesperson while it is a Forecast Task). 

Select either Multiple or Once:

Multiple: Tick the Multiple box if you want Chintaro to create a Forecast Maintenance to be created on more than one occasion (EG every 3 Years, every 10 years, etc). 

Once: Tick the Once box if the Forecast Maintenance task will occur as a one off (EG Once, in a year's time or once, in 3 years time, etc) 

Select the Frequency of Maintenance from the drop down list:

If you want the Forecast Maintenance task to be created once in 3 years time, you'd select Once in the Frequency, and 3 Years in the Replicate Task Every drop down list. 

Or, if you wanted the Forecast Maintenance task to be created multiple times, like once every 3 years, you'd select Multiple in the Frequency, and 3 Years in the Replicate Task Every drop down list.  

Click Replicate Task Every to create the Forecast Task to be created. 

 Adding Costs to your Forecast Maintenance Task

After you have entered the 'Forecast Task' information, click on the Completion Details button at the top of the screen.

Enter the Estimated and Budget Costs of the works:

Exit the record. 

 Sending the Forecast Maintenance Task to a Tradesperson

Forecast Maintenance Tasks that are due in the next 30 days will appear on the Home Screen under Forecast Tasks Due 30 Days:

Double click on the Maintenance Type to open (EG Upgrade), then double click on the Maintenance Task you want to send to a Tradesperson. 

Click on Completion Details, and untick the Forecast Task? box. This will activate the Action section, where you can select how you want to send the Forecast Task to the Tradesperson. 

Viewing Forecast Maintenance Tasks 

Forecast Maintenance Tasks have their own search screen in Chintaro. All Forecast Maintenance Tasks can be viewed by clicking Property Maintenance in the Main Menu, then clicking Manage Forecast Property Forecast Maintenance:


You can also view the Forecast Maintenance Tasks for a specific Property, by going to the Property screen, and clicking Forecast:

 Reporting on Forecast Maintenance Tasks

Chintaro has a number of reports you can run to show you how much your Organisation is expecting to spend on upgrades. 

From the Home Screen, go to Reports and Exports

To see Reports, click Reports, then Property & Maintenance

If you want to see a detailed report of all works for all Properties, select Forecast Maintenance Detail, then click Preview:

If you want to see a summary of the total spend on your Forecast Maintenance Tasks, select Forecast Maintenance Summary, then click Preview: 

 Exporting Forecast Maintenance Task data

Chintaro has a number of exports you can run to show you how much your Organisation is expecting to spend on upgrades. 

If you want to see Exports for your Forecast Maintenance, from the Reports and Exports menu, click Exports. 

Select Property & Maintenance, then select either the Forecast Maintenance Detail or Forecast Maintenance Summary exports, and click Open in Excel Now.

NOTE: When clicking on an Export, the Included Fields will appear on the left hand side of the screen to show you what's included in the export:

How to see all Active (not completed) and Inactive (completed) Maintenance Tasks for a Property/Inventory Item