NOTE: There is no new reporting template for 2016. You will need to run the report using the 2014-2015 template (attached to this solution) and enter the information in CHIMES.

If you do not have the 14/15 template, download the template attached and save it in your Chintaro\Data\Templates folder. If you try and run the report without the template, you will get an error message to say the template does not exist. 

How to set up the KPM Housing Registrar Report

You must ensure that all Programs you want to be included on the report have the correct KPM Type associated with them.

You must also ensure that all Tradespeople have a KPM Type selected as well.

Note: This report will only work if you have been running the Occupancy Calculation for the whole financial year.

How to run the KPM Housing Registrar Report

To run the Key Performance Measures Housing Registrar Report, from the Vic Reports Sub-Menu, click KPM Housing Registrar Report

The KPM Report screen will open:  


NOTE: The KPM Report will only run if you have completed the Occupancy Calculation (or the HPF Report) for the whole financial year. If you have not run the Occupancy Calculation for the entire year, you must run this before attempting to produce the KPM Report (see Solution: Occupancy Calculation).


The Start of Financial Year Date and End of Financial Year Date will default to the last financial year, although they can be overwritten if required.


Select an Output Folder that the file will be saved to by clicking the ellipsis button

Select an Output File Name


There is an option to run the Supported Detailed Queries, which are not mandatory but may help you to interpret the KPM Report results. If you want to run these queries, click the query to highlight it, and then click

Click You must click Calculate before you click Create Report


The KPM Report will be created in the Output Folder you selected.