Exports are used to get data out of Chintaro and into Microsoft Excel or another analytical tool to be manipulated as required.

To access the Exports screen, from the Reports and Exports Sub-Menu, click Exports 

Exports screen will open, showing 5 Report categories:

Select an Export Category and the Select Reports list appears:

Clicking on any Table/Query will display the Included Fields. Each of the included fields will be a column in the export:

Once you have selected an export Table/Query, select the Report Criteria (if applicable)


Select a File Name and Location that the export will be saved to


Select an Output Format: The default Output Format is CSV format, and this is because Microsoft Excel, as well as other financial systems, will read this file type. You can use the one of the Microsoft Excel workbook formats if you want to get formatted text.

Select Export to File


The file will be exported to the File Location selected

Most of the time, you will just want to open in Microsoft Excel now. Click  if you do not want to save the data.


 If you are having trouble finding any exports, please contact Chintaro Support (support@chintaro.com.au) so we can assist you to find the export you are looking for.

Click here to view the Solution on Commonly used Exports in Chintaro.