Room Status

Rooms, or Tenantable Units, in Properties will show in one of three states:

1. Occupied: The room has an active Tenancy

2. Vacant Tenantable: The room is Vacant, there is no-one in it, it is Tenantable and it has the ability to have a Tenancy immediately.

3. Vacant Untenantable: The room is Vacant, there is no-one in it, but it is Untenantable and it cannot have a Tenancy in it now due to maintenance, cleaning, upgrade requirements, etc.

The status of Rooms needs to be tracked for reporting purposes to show Occupancy Rates (the percentage of time the Room was occupied or vacant). Vacant Untenantable Rooms are Rooms that cannot have a Tenancy for reasons out of your control, and will not show as a Vacant Rooms in reports.


The Room Status is viewed on the Property Record, and details on each of the Rooms can be viewed by double clicking on the room number, type or status of the Room you want to view:

Changing a Room Status

Click here to see how to change a Vacant Tenantable Room to a Vacant Untenantable Room

Changing a Room Status from Vacant Tenantable to Occupied occurs when you create a Tenancy.

Click here to see how to change a Vacant Untenantable Room to a Vacant Tenantable Room.

Vacant Tenantable and Vacant Untenantable Rooms eLearning Video