Reactivating a Tenancy (if you accidentally vacated the Tenant)

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Occasionally, a Tenant will be vacated when they shouldn't have been (as an accident), or the Tenant advises you that they no longer want to leave the Property. This solution details how to reactivate a previous Tenancy that was created so that you can retain the financial history of the Tenancy and don't have to create a brand new Tenancy in Chintaro. 

Before reactivating the Tenancy, you need to ensure the Room is Vacant Tenantable. Once you've checked the Room, you can reactivate the Tenancy.

Ensuring the Room is Vacant Tenantable

Before you make the Tenancy active again, you must ensure that the Room the Tenant was in has a status of Vacant Tenantable. To check this, go in to the Property screen (Home > Properties > Manage Properties > double click to open the Property screen). Check the Room Status in the Rooms section of the screen is Vacant Tenantable:

If the Room has been Occupied by another Tenant, you cannot restore the Tenancy as there cannot be 2 Tenancies in the same Room. 

If the Room is Vacant Untenantable, you will need make the Room Vacant Tenantable. Click the following link to see how to change a Vacant Untenantable Room to a Vacant Tenantable Room.

Reactivating the old Tenancy

To reactivate the old Tenancy, open the Manage Tenancies screen and search for the Tenant (Home > Tenancies > Manage Tenancies > Show All + Vacated > find Tenancy with status of Vacated or Vacated Arrears):

Double click anywhere along the row to open the Tenancy Screen.

To reactivate (or "un-vacate") a Tenant, double click on the words ‘Vacated Date’: 

If the Client has not been re-tenanted in the meantime, you will see the message that the Tenancy will become active again. Click Yes to reactivate the Tenancy:

The Tenancy will now be reactivated exactly as it was before they were vacated. 

The Vacate button will become active again and a note, “Tenancy Reactivated On DD/MM/YYYY”, will appear down the bottom of the screen in the Notes section:  

If you don't want the 'Tenancy Reactivated On DD/MM/YYYY' note on the Tenancy Record, double click on the note to open it:

Then click the 'Transfer this Note' box, and click 'Transfer to Client Notes Buffer':

Click Yes to the warning message, and the note will be removed from the Tenancy screen:

For further assistance with reactivating a Tenancy

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