Occasionally, we accidentally vacate a Tenant that should not have been vacated. 

NOTE: Before you make the Tenancy active again, you must ensure that the Room the Tenant was in has a status of Vacant Tenantable. Go to the Property record and check the Room Status in the Rooms section of the screen:

If the Room has been Occupied, you cannot restore the Tenancy as there cannot be 2 Tenancies in the same Room. If the Room is Vacant Untenantable, you will need make the Room Vacant Tenantable. Click here to see the Solution for: Changing a Vacant Untenantable Room to a Vacant Tenantable Room

1. You can reactivate (or "un-vacate") a Tenant by going in to their Tenancy Record, and double clicking on the words ‘Vacated Date’: 

2. If the Tenant has not been re-tenanted in the meantime, you will see the message that the Tenancy will become active again. Click Yes to reactivate the Tenancy:

3. The Tenancy will be reactivated. The Vacate button will become active again and a note, “Tenancy Reactivated On DD/MM/YYYY”, will appear down the bottom of the screen in the Notes section:  

4. If you do not want the 'Tenancy Reactivated On DD/MM/YYYY' note on the Tenancy Record, double click on the note to open it:

5. Click 'Transfer this Note', and then click 'Transfer to Client Notes Buffer':

7. The note will be transferred to the Client Notes Buffer Account: