Action Notes

Action Notes are Client Notes with a task to perform, whether that’s for yourself or someone else in your Organisation. You can make an Action Note on yourself or for another user when a task needs further action.

Creating an Action for a Chintaro User

To create an Action Note, you must first create a Client Note. To turn the Client Note in to an Action Note, click the  box in the Client Note. The Action Fields will then become enabled:

Action Date: Enter the Date the Action is requested. 

Action By: Select the Chintaro user that the Action will be assigned to.

Action Type: Select the Action to take. You will be able to filter and sort Action Notes by the Action Type. This drop down list is customisable by your System Administrator.

Action Note: Enter the details of the Action required.

After entering information in all of the Action fields, click the Update button to save the Action Note. 

Viewing Action Notes that have been assigned to you

The Chintaro user that was selected in the Action By field will now be able to see the Action assigned to them in the Control Panel of their Home Screen. 

Once the necessary action has taken place, double click on the Action Note in this field to open the Client Notes screen. 

Double click on the row to open the Note, add any comments in the Action Note, and tick the  box when the task is finished.

Once entered, Client Notes and Action Notes can be emailed to other Chintaro users, printed, transferred to another Client record (if entered on the wrong Client Record), or copied to another Client.

Viewing all of the Action Notes that have been made in the system

All Action Notes can be viewed by going in to the Home Screen > Clients > Client Notes screen.

To filter this screen by Action Notes, go to the 'Action' column, drop the black arrow down and select 'Is Selected':

To see all outstanding Actions, further filter the 'Action Completed' column to 'Is Selected' also:

To report on Action Notes, click either Print or Export in the blue buttons at the top of the screen.

Client Notes eLearning Video