Please note: If you are a New Zealand user of Chintaro, click here to view the Solution for: Client General Information - NZ


This solution details what every field in the General Section of the Client screen is used for.

General Information Fields: Personal information

Title: Choose from drop down list (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Master, etc.) If the title is not in the Drop Down list, you have the ability to type it straight in to this field (EG Father/Sister)

CID: If you use another system to manage your Clients and they provide you with a Client Identification Number, use this field as a reference number to your Client's in the other system. 

Given names: Enter the Client’s First Name and Second (Middle) Name, if applicable.

Surname: Enter the Client’s Surname

AKA (Also Known As): If the Client is known by another name, enter the name they are known as in this section. AKA will default to the Client’s first name, but can be overwritten with the Client’s preferred known as name.

Gender: Choose from Male, Indeterminate, Female.

When selecting an entry from a drop down list in Chintaro, such as Gender, begin to type the value until you find a match (EG “f” for Female), and press <ENTER> or <TAB> to select and move to the next field. 

Referral: Records the service/Organisation that referred the Client to your Organisation, if applicable. All drop down lists in Chintaro are completely customisable by your Organisation. If the Referral Organisation you wish to select isn't in the drop down list, you are able to add it through System Maintenance> Reference Tables> Referral.  Click here to view the Solution: Reference Tables.

Registration Date: Is the date that your Organisation first came in to contact with your Client (EG date on an application form). The Registration Date will default to today’s date but can be altered if you are entering a new Client historically.


When entering Date Fields, there are a number of shortcuts that are useful to know. If the date you are entering is the current year, you only need to enter the day, slash, month (EG 1/9) without any leading zeros and Chintaro will insert the current year (EG 01/09/2017). For dates in other years this century, key the day, slash, month, slash, 2 digit year (EG 1/9/02 = 01/08/2002).

Date of Birth: Enter the Client’s Date of Birth. When entered, the Client’s age will display below the Date of Birth. The Date of Birth field is also used for the Centrelink Confirmation e-Service functions.

Primary Tenant: Chintaro must have one Primary Tenant in each household. This doesn’t give any additional rights/responsibilities to the Primary Tenant, it's just the way the system works. If the Client is the Primary Tenant, leave the Primary Tenant = Yes box ticked, otherwise tick the No box and select the Client who is the Primary Tenant from the pop up box.  

General Information Fields: Address, contact and other information

Address: Is entered when a Client is not currently tenanted with your Organisation. If the Client is a current Tenant, leave this blank – the address will be updated later when a Tenancy is created.

 When adding a new line of text in to a field in Chintaro (EG Address), you must hold down <CTRL> + <ENTER> for a new line. When you hold these keys concurrently, the cursor will move to the next line. Simply pressing <ENTER> will move your cursor to the next field and not create a new line. 

City, Town, Suburb: Type the name of the City/Town/Suburb of your Client, or select from the drop down list.

 When entering a City/Town/Suburb, begin to type the name and Chintaro will suggest valid cities. When the city appears, press <TAB> or <ENTER> and Chintaro will populate the State and Postcode.  State and Postcode can only be changed when selecting a different City/Town/Suburb.

Contact Phones: Enter 1 or 2 phone numbers of your Client in the Contact Phone fields. Phone Numbers may be entered without spaces (0412345678) or with spaces for readability (0412 345 678). If you are using Chintaro to SMS your Clients, you need to have a valid mobile phone number in either field. 

Email: Enter your Client’s Email address if they would like to receive Email correspondence from your Organisation.

Preferred Contact: Select your Client's preferred method of contact: Phone Call, Email, Mail or Text Message. 

Public Housing Reg?: Tick the box if your Client is registered with Public Housing. 

Public Housing Wait List: Enter the Client’s Public Housing Waiting List number, if applicable.

Disability: A drop down list that can be customised to suit your Organisation where you can record a Client’s particular disability, if applicable.

Employment: Is used to record your Client’s employment status. 

Target Group: Is used if a Client presents as part of a particular target group that your Organisation is targeting EG Homeless, Aboriginal, Single Parents, etc. 

Band: Used by Western Australian Chintaro Users. Enter the band of Affordable Housing that your Client falls in to and will usually dependent on individual circumstance and income.

Bank Account: Enter the Client’s bank account details, if you would like to record this information.

Rent Area Override: Used in Rent Calculation by Australian Chintaro Users, if another State’s Rent Calculator is required.

Comments: Enter any general Comments about your Client in the Comments section. This will be information that you wish Chintaro users to see each time the Client record is opened. This differs from Client Notes,  which builds up a history of Case Notes about a Client (Click here to view the solution: Client Notes).

Spell check function

To access the spell check function in Chintaro, ensure your cursor is in the field you want to check, and press the F7 key on your keyboard. The spell check function will open in a pop up box.