The Reference Tables screen is where all of the contents of the drop down lists in Chintaro are managed. 

To add or edit Reference Tables, from the Home Screen, click System Maintenance, then click Reference Tables and the Maintain Reference Data screen will open:

To add a new entry to a drop down list

Click on the Reference Table you want to view or edit.

To add a new entry to the drop down list, type the name of the new entry in the column.

NOTE: Be careful when changing existing Reference Tables, because if you overwrite an existing reference table entry, you will overwrite all entries to the new name. EG: If you change a Note Type from 'Complaint' to 'Phone Call', all of the Note Types that are 'Complaints' will be changed to 'Phone Call'. It is always recommended that you add a new entry in the 'New' box (the line with the *) at the bottom of the table. 

To remove an entry from view in a drop down list

To remove an entry from view in a drop down list, untick the Active box for the entry. Unticking this box will make the option Inactive and will not be visible in any drop down list. You can make the entry active again by ticking the Active box. 

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