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The Related Links section enables you to add hyperlinks to important documents or folders on various screens in Chintaro, enabling you to access files or folders that live outside of the database quickly and easily. Chintaro doesn’t store documents, files or photos in the database itself like a document management system, but it does contain Related Links sections throughout the system that creates shortcuts which are accessed throughout the system.  

Related Links can be added to individual Client or Tenancy screens, Property, Maintenance, Inspection and Tradespeople screens and can also be added to all notes created in the system. Links to folders or documents can also be added in bulk to all Client/Tenancy screens or all Property screens by adding system wide links.  

This solution details:

In the Link File/Folder section, click either the ...FILE or ...FOLDER button, depending what it is that you would like to link.

Navigate to the appropriate file or folder and select OK to populate the file path in the hyperlink file/folder path. 

Note: If the folder you have selected is one that you would like to set as the Default (so that when you add more links, it will open to this folder as a default), click the Default Folder tick box.

Press Add to save the Related Link which will populate the Link Name on the screen. 

Click on the blue hyperlink to open the file/folder you have linked. 

The following section details the screens that contain Related Links:

ScreenScreenshotLocation on Screen
ClientRight hand side of screen, underneath Tags
PropertyRight hand side of screen, underneath Tags
Right hand side of screen, underneath Tags
Complaints Bottom right hand side of screen, underneath Investigation Notes
NotesBottom left hand side of note
Maintenance TasksRight hand side of screen, underneath dates

Left hand side of screen, above comments

If you have folders or files that you would like to be able to access from any Client/Tenancy or Property screen, your Chintaro System Administrator can add links via System Maintenance, that will appear at the top of the screen, like this:

To add links to appear on all Clients/Tenancies or Properties, from the Home screen, open System Maintenance > Preferences > Organisation Links and add the links to either the Client/Tenancy section, or the Property section as required:

Note: You can add as many links as you require in these sections.

To edit an existing Related Link, right click on the hyperlink you want to edit > scroll down to Hyperlink and Edit Hyperlink:

Edit the text in Text to Display or the link path in Address and click OK when finished.

To remove a Related Link, click the grey box on the left hand side the Link Name to highlight the row and press the <DELETE> key on your keyboard:

Click Yes to the warning about deleting the link.

If you require further assistance from Chintaro Support 

Please raise a ticket with Chintaro Support by emailing if you would like further assistance. 

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