If a user has forgotten their password to login to Chintaro, your System Administrator has the ability to clear the current password and reset it.  **Note: this is the password to login to Chintaro itself.  If they need to have their Parallels password reset they should send an email containing their Parallels Username to support@chintaro.com.au.  To determine the Parallels Username if unknown, see this solution: What is my Parallels Username?


From the Home screen, click System Maintenance, then Security and highlight the user that the password will be reset for in the User List:

Click the Change Password tab

And click Clear Password:

The password will now be cleared. Enter the new password for the user in both the New Password and Verify boxes, and select Apply.

The user will now be able to log in to their Chintaro account using the password entered. They can go into System Maintenance > Security to reset their password when they have logged in. NOTE: if the user is not a System Administrator and they have access to Security, the only option they will have is to reset their password. They will not see the full options in Security that are available to a System Administrator.