The System Maintenance> Security function is where you set the security settings for your organisation's Chintaro users. The Security function is where you go to add new users, change passwords, delete users, and assign User Roles (what buttons users can click, what screens they can or cannot see, what menu items they can or cannot see, what reports they can run, etc.).

 To access the Security functions, from the System Maintenance Sub-Menu, click Security and the Security screen will open:

User Maintenance: When you open the Security function, the User Maintenance screen opens.

Change Password: Enables a System Administrator to change user’s passwords.

New User: Enables you to add a new user to Chintaro

User Roles Toolbars: Assigns the User Roles on the User Maintenance Screen, and defines which Menus on the Home Screen the Users can access (EG Clients, Properties, Tenancies, etc.)

Control Panel: Where you specify which screens in the menus and screens (from the Home Screen) that users can access.

Forms: Where you specify which Function buttons users can click (EG Print, Export, Show All, Show None, Update Arrears Action, etc.). You can also make function buttons Mandatory for your staff in this screen.

Maintenance: Where you set the permissions about which Reference Tables (Drop Down Lists) people can edit.

Report Groups: Where you set the permissions about which report groups (EG Clients, Tenancies, Waiting List, Property & Maintenance, Finance) users have access to.

Reports: Where you allow user’s access to specific reports within the Report Group (Above) that they have access to.

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