The System Maintenance > Security section is used to set the security options for your organisation's Chintaro users, such as adding new users, changing passwords, deleting users, setting and assigning User Roles (what buttons users can click, what screens they can or cannot see, what menu items they can or cannot see, what reports they can run, etc.) and more.

User Maintenance
  • Change user role
  • Set up/restrict mobile app access
  • Delete user
Change Password
  • Change password for any user
Add User
  • Add a new user to Chintaro
User Roles Toolbars
  • Assign Read Only access
  • Provide access to/restrict access to screens in Toolbar
  • Change names of User Roles
Control Panel
  • Enable/disable access to menu items (EG Tenancies / Properties) or individual screens within menus (EG Multi Bank Processing 2 Line)
  • Enable/disable access to buttons on screens (EG Generate rent button on Tenancy screen, add Transaction button on Tenancy screen)
  • Make fields mandatory to enter before leaving the screen
  • Enable/disable access to Reference Tables
Report Groups
  • Enable/disable access to groups in Reports and Exports > Reports screen
  • Enable/disable access to individual reports in Reports and Exports > Reports screen