Home Screen and Navigating Chintaro

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The Home Screen of Chintaro is the first screen you'll see when you log into Chintaro and it is divided into sections. This solution breaks down each section's purpose and shows you how to navigate around Chintaro:

The Main Menu is a nested menu structure that groups system functions logically (EG Clients, Tenancies, Waiting List, etc.) All of the system functions are accessed within these groupings.

Each group has 3 dots after it (known as an ellipsis) and when clicked, the Menu will change to a Sub-Menu for that group. For example, clicking on the Clients Menu button, will take you to the Clients Sub-Menu, where the various Client functions are held (Sub-Menus will be covered in detail throughout the online knowledge base).

Toolbar and Exit Button

The Toolbar enables you to jump quickly to the most commonly used screens such as the Home screen, add a Maintenance Task screen, the Client search screen, Waiting List search screen, etc. You can also access the Online Knowledge Base from the Toolbar by clicking the User Manual button, or access the Chintaro website by clicking the Chintaro web address button.

The Exit Button on the Toolbar will close the current screen. From the Home Screen, the Exit Button will close the system. On Sub-Menus, the Exit Button will close the current screen and return to the previous Menu.


Bulletin Board and News Feeder

The Bulletin Board is used internally by your organisation to relay messages you would like to relay to your team. The messages/text can be updated as frequently as you would like, and can include anything from when rents have been updated, to vacant properties available or reminders about dates/holidays etc. Click here for more information on updating the internal bulletin:

The Chintaro Support News Feeder is a how Chintaro Support communicates messages and updates to all users (we will also email your key contacts for important information such as version updates or new Centrelink Rates):

Control Panel

The Control Panel is a way to get to certain places quickly in the system. These boxes will display the outstanding Action Notes (Client, Property, Maintenance & Trade), Incomplete Maintenance Tasks, Overdue Maintenance & Forecast Tasks due in the next 30 days, and Scheduled Inspections & Inspection Reviews. Double clicking on any entry within these fields will take you directly to that screen.

Organisational Details and Username

The Organisational Details (at the bottom left of the screen) shows the Name, ABN, CRN and Address of your Organisation. This information is used by Chintaro for headings on reports:

The Username shows you the name you have logged in to Chintaro as, and the Group shows the assigned User Group that you have been assigned to. User Groups may restrict functionality in Chintaro and are designed to allow only nominated Users access to certain functions, and to have the ability to change aspects of Chintaro. User Groups can be customised in System Maintenance> Security> User Roles Toolbar/Control Panel/Forms/Maintenance.

For assistance with the Home Screen or Navigation around Chintaro

Please contact the helpdesk by emailing support@chintaro.com.au

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