How to find the location of your Data Folder

Modified on Thu, 01 Nov 2018 at 02:43 PM

Use this solution if you are unsure where to find your Chintaro Data folder. Depending on how Chintaro is installed at your organisation will depend on where the Data folder is located. This may be on a Server if you have multiple users, or if you are 1 user it may be installed on your C Drive. The Data folder is the Chintaro folder on a Shared Drive: EG S:\Chintaro\Data

If Chintaro is installed in your network

If you have access to the System Maintenance > Preferences screen, you can click the Open Data Folder hyperlink and be taken directly to the folder:

If you do not have access to System Maintenance > Preferences and you are unsure where your Data folder is, right click on your Chintaro icon on your Desktop, and go down to Properties:

Look in the 'Target Line' box for whatever is after /wrkgrp:

This is the location of your Data folder: EG the image shows the data folder is in C:\Chintaro\Data but your Templates folder will most likely be on your Shared Drive.

Navigate to the Chintaro folder and within it you will see your Data folder.

If you use Chintaro Cloud 

Open Parallels Client and double click on Windows Explorer:

Open the DATA (F:) Drive:

Look for your Organisation's acronym and double click to open:

Within your Organisation's folder you will see the Data folder.

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