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In Chintaro, a household consists of one Primary Tenant, and one or more Related Tenants.  Examples of Related Tenants are children of Clients, partners of Clients, or any other person who will be living in the Household with the Primary Tenant. Each person must have their own Client record in Chintaro.

NOTE: Even if your Tenancy Agreement has more than one person named on it, Chintaro still needs to be set up with one Primary Tenant, and all other Tenants in that Household are then marked as Related Tenants. Allocating one person as a Primary Tenant does not give any additional rights/responsibilities to the Primary Tenant.


Setting up/adding Client(s) to a Household 

1. Search for the Primary Tenant

The firsts step in setting up a household in Chintaro, is to add one Client as a Primary Tenant *Note the person you want to add as a Primary Tenant may already be in Chintaro. Click Manage Clients from the Toolbar and look for the Primary Tenant's name from the Client list before adding a new Client.

2. If the Primary Tenant is not in Chintaro, then add them to the system

From the Manage Clients screen, click the Add Client button. This will open an empty Client record. Enter the data you know about the Primary Tenant, but leave the Primary Tenant box ticked to Yes:

Exit the screen to save.

Once you have added the Primary Tenant, go back to the Manage Clients screen and click the Add Client button again to add the Related Client. 

Once you have entered the General information about the Related Client from the Title field to the Date of Birth field, tick the No box when asked if they are a Primary Tenant: 

A pop up box will appear asking you to select the Primary Tenant. Select the Primary Tenant so their name is highlighted black, and click Update to save. 

The Primary Tenant box will now display the Client you selected. You can now select the Relationship to Tenant and indicate if the Related Client is a Child/Student:

The Related Tenant will now appear on the Primary Tenant’s Client Record, and vice-versa.

Making a Related Tenant a Joint Tenant

Depending on the "Relationship to Tenant" field, a Related Tenant can be considered a Joint Tenant on Statements and other forms of contact. 

Generally, this is applied to options such as Husband, Wife or De-Facto, but it can be customised by editing the Reference Table; see Related Tenant (Joint Tenant) not showing in Tenancy Word Merge for more information about how this is set up.

Removing a Client from a Household and Statement

At times, a client will leave a Household, and you will want this reflected in Chintaro. 

In this solution's example, the Primary Tenant's wife has left the Household and needs to be unlinked from the Primary Tenant.

To indicate that a Client is no longer in a Household, you need to open the related tenant's client screen. 

Click Clients in the Toolbar, and find the Client you want to unlink from the Search Screen. Double click their name to open their Client screen. All Related Tenants will have the No box ticked for Primary Tenant:

You will need to click the Yes box to indicate that they are now their own Primary Tenant, and they are no longer related to the Primary Tenant listed:

The Primary Tenant's Client Record will now indicate that the Client is no longer part of the Household:

Removing a Client from the household will also remove it from their Primary Tenant's Client Statement:

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