What's in the Latest Release?

Modified on Mon, 05 Feb 2024 at 02:25 PM

This solution details the enhancements made to the SQL June/July 2023 version of Chintaro. Patch updates are added to the bottom of this solution as they are released.

Major Release (2023.07.01)

Property & Maintenance Enhancements

  • The new version has seen the release of the major integration between Chintaro and Bricks & Agent - it's taken a lot of development time to get this right. Bricks & Agent replaces Maintenance Manager, who have ceased operating. Previous Maintenance Manager users have begun using Bricks & Agent. If you're curious, you can read more about Bricks & Agent on their website: Bricks & Agent
  • We have converted several fields in maintenance & inventory to rich text, which is needed for Bricks & Agent, as well as the upcoming Chintaro Web. There are a few formatting changes which includes improved customisation in these areas.

Tenancy Enhancements

  • Changed the way that Risk Ratings rounded to better reflect organisational processes.

Finance Enhancements

  • Amended the popup that appears when closing the Bank Processing screens to reduce confusion:

Reporting Enhancements

  • The 2023 NAHA has been released, which includes changes to the Property & Tenancy tab from previous years. The governing body only considers currently owned & operated properties in the report, and we've adjusted the template accordingly.
  • Queensland users will now find that their bond statements include bond lodgements.
  • AHO Ngamuru Reporting: The report now correctly considers mature age children as children, rather than partners.
  • The General Ledger Export screen now loads & runs faster, after we made some adjustments.

Bug Fixes

  • Searching in "Manage" screens will no longer double-key in the first letter you type.
  • Fixed an issue where the "Occupancy Data" report would not run under certain rooms status conditions.
  • Users Can no longer use "Page Down" to create duplicate entries in the property insulation tab, under property details.
  • Removed Rich Text tags from several areas in the system.
  • Fixed an issue where Maintenance instructions occasionally did not carry over from Property Inventory defaults.
  • Fixed an issue where major reports would time out in one minute, when they need to run for longer.
  • Fixed a bug where turnaround time for Maintenance tasks were only considering dates, instead of time as well.

Patch Release 2023.07.03

  • Fixed a bug where the Retain/Delete popup appeared regardless of whether there were records in the import table or not.
  • Performance tweaks applied to various intensive screens.

Patch Release 2023.07.11

  • Fixed a bug where Maintenance instructions were limited to 255 characters.

Patch Release 2023.07.20

  • Fixed a bug where printing receipts and invoices sometimes printed detail for the wrong transaction (based on the date)
  • Fixed a bug where processes were duplicated several thousand times each.
  • Fixed a bug in the NAHA report where aboriginality/disability flags were pulling incorrectly.
  • Added additional fields to leases.

Patch Release 2023.08.01

  • Fixed a bug where inactive owners and programs were included in the "Owner Trust Ledger Report".
  • Fixed a bug where exporting the LeaseDays column gave an error.
  • Fixed a bug where key details were editable from within property details. They're now restricted to only the reference tables.
  • Added Exit Outcome field to "FHL Vacate Reasons" export.

Patch Release 2023.08.11

  • Added BSB and Account Number fields to transaction word merges (receipts and invoices). These are specific to tenancies and are accessible via the "Direct Debit Details" tab:

Patch Release 2023.08.14

  • Fixed a bug in the Bricks & Agent sync.

Patch Release 2023.08.16

  • Restored “Future Planning Intent” and “Future Planning Date” to the additional details of properties.
  • Fixed a bug where future due dates displayed as negative dates in the Property Maintenance Contractor report.
  • Removed rich text tags from various locations.
  • Fixed a bug where timestamps from the last date in a date range were not displaying correctly via the Statutory Reporting Analyser.
  • Restricted PIM users to only using 24 hour inspection formats.

Patch Release 2023.08.31

  • New word merge field in Tenancy merges - DaysRentArrearsToday. Displays Rent Arrears as at today, rather than as per what's been charged.
  • Fixed "Property Maintenance Breach" report showing the wrong number of Days Breached.
  • Added new fields to the "Additional Details" tab of Property Details:
  • Fixed an error that appeared when attempting to change export paths when the existing path is not accessible.
  • Added a new GL export format called MYOB V19 Mangrove.
  • Fixed the inactive flag on the "Initiator Type" reference table not behaving as it should.
  • Fixed the "Weekly Market Rent" displayed on rent calculator entries showing the Market rent exclusively as at today for SA users.
  • Added Tenancy Start Date to information included in PIM exports.

Patch Release 2023.09.11

  • Added a new GL export format for Tech One.
  • Bond balance on tenancy balances screen now factors in direct lodgements.
  • Added a "Tenancy?" flag to complaints, which is now considered for VRS Complaints.

Patch Release 2023.09.22

  • Added a new Parameter called "TenancyCancelReusePaymentBookID" which automatically answers NO to popup asking if you'd like to reuse payment book ID on vacate.
  • Added a new export called "Rental Audit (CLALC)".
  • Added "LeaseFromDate" to Manage Tenancies.
  • Removed timestamps from being generated when online dates are entered.
  • Sped up a process for exporting from the Complaints/Incidents screen.
  • Added "HouseholdID" to Manage Clients. This field is identical to the Client ID of the primary tenant of the household.
  • Added the PropertyManager field to "Vacant Room Snapshot" export.
  • Fixed a bug where certain users were being kicked out after 2 minutes of inactivity.

Patch Release 2023.09.27

  • Added a hyperlink function to the Tradesperson Compliance detail.
  • Added the "Property Manager" field to VRS KPMs 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4 in the Statutory Reporting Analyser.
  • The Statutory Reporting Analyser has been updated! It now has a new tree mechanism which is more user friendly. Also fixed several bugs.
  • Removed the ability to tab between pages of detail in maintenance tasks.
  • Fixed a bug with the MYOB v19 Mangrove GL Export template.

Patch Release 2023.10.10

  • Fixed a bug where running a word merge returned a divide by zero error.
  • Fixed a bug where the reported date couldn't be edited in maintenance tasks.
  • Expanded the functionality of the "Cancel" flag in the Maintenance Status reference table. Currently existing order statuses with "Cancel" in them will have this flagged automatically:

  • Added security functionality to the Inventory module.
  • Fixed a bug where bulk uploading of rent from file couldn't match on Payment Book ID.
  • Fixed typos and export errors in the Statutory Reporting Analyser.
  • Removed functionality where inspection details remain open after navigating away, which caused Work Orders to occasionally show the wrong property details.
  • Closed Periods now restrict the Invoice Paid date in Maintenance Tasks:
  • Fixed a bug where Bulk Statement PDFs were relying on a note title that couldn't be entered

Patch Release 2023.11.01

  • Added new Word Merge Field for Arrears; DaysToday. This field will print the number of days the Tenant has been in Arrears As At Today.
  • Added a new Bank Format ID: ANZ CSV ALT.
  • Reporting Analyser: Changed several KPMs to use Actual Start Date rather than Tenancy Start Date if there is a date entered.

  • Reporting Analyser: Fixed typos.

  • Reporting Analyser: Fixed a bug where double-clicking in certain KPMs would open the wrong screen.

  • Fixed a bug where running a word merge returned a divide by zero error.
  • Fixed a bug where the hourglass cursor would persist when clicking "Select All" on the Bulk PDF Statements Screen.
  • Maintenance Tasks: Fixed a bug where the elapsed time would add an extra day when the reported time was later in the day than the completed time.
  • Fixed a bug where Actual Completed Dates on Maintenance Tasks would disappear if no time was entered.
  • Incomes that were inactive but had no end date will no longer be included in the DCJ > Residents > Gross Income LWeek report.

Patch Release 2023.11.23

  • Bug fix: Accrued amounts no longer accumulate incorrectly for Vacated Tenant Balances.
  • Bug fix: Multiple forms no longer appear when exiting the Vacant Processing section.
  • Maintenance: Added "Invoice Date" field to Maintenance Details section.
  • Tenancy: End Dates are now automatically added to the end of the previous Rent Record entry when a new Rent Record is added.
  • Chintaro will now internally keep track of how many times each Report and Export have been run.

Patch Release 2023.12.07

  • Bug fix: Write conflict will no longer appear when editing rent records.
  • Bug fix: Error messages will no longer appear when filtering on the Rent Review screen.
  • Bug fix: The "Replicate Task" button is no longer greyed out on Maintenance detail.
  • Bug fix: Entries no longer duplicates on the QDR report.
  • Adjusted bank format "Xero Monte Cecilia" to account for changing GL codes.
  • Added "Item Type" to the Manage Maintenance Tasks screen.
  • Amended Manage Inventory Items to show "Item Type" and "Item Group".
  • Added an Invoice Date field to Maintenance invoice details. This field is used for recording a specific date for tradesperson invoices. If you'd like to make use of it, please contact Chintaro Support.
  • Where it's filled in, actual start date is now used to calculate tenancy length for various KPMs in the Reporting Analyser.

Patch Release 2024.02.02

  • Happy new year!
  • Bug fix: The Manage Tenancies screen no longer opens scrolled over a few columns for certain organisations.
  • Added the #UPI to the tenancy balances screen.
  • Added a breakdown of all transaction type balances to the tenancy balances screen:
  • Added new fields to the Additional SA details in properties, including "SHR Primary Contact Organisation".
  • Added a new export called "NAHA Detail Westside"

Patch Release 2024.02.05

  • Fixed a bug where Tradespeople who didn't have an entry for "Trade Type" wouldn't appear on maintenance tasks.

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