Finance - Adding 3 Additional Charges to the Rent Record

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The standard option for Chintaro enables users to charge rent, and 3 extra charges. Users can choose to enable a further 3 additional charges to the rent record so that a total of rent + 6 charges can be generated each time the rent is generated (weekly or fortnightly). This solution details:

Enabling the Additional 3 Charges in System Maintenance

By default, the additional charges are not enabled.  To enable these charges in your system, from the Home screen, click System Maintenance > Preferences > Finance and select Yes for Additional Charge 1, 2 and 3, depending on your preferences:

Customising the Transaction Types associated with the Additional Charges

The Additional Charges exist in your Transaction Type table, but the names will need to be changed to make them more meaningful to your organisation. To change the names of the transactions, from the Home screen, click System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Transaction Type and change the names as required.

You will also need to allocate the transaction types to a Transaction Group by selecting from the list:

If the transaction group you would like to group the transactions under is not available, click this link to see How to setup a new transaction group.

You will also need to add the corresponding payments for the Additional Charges, which can be added in the line with the * at the bottom of your transaction list. Selecting the same Transaction Group will mean the transactions are grouped in the same 'bucket' and balances will reflect both charges and payments of that group throughout the  system.

Editing the Rent Record to add Additional Charges

The Additional Charges will now appear on each tenancy, in the Edit Rent screen:

If you would like to edit the rent to add the additional charges, please see this link: Tenancy Screen - Increasing rent (& other) charges for one tenancy

Where can I see the Additional Charges reflected throughout Chintaro?

Any changes made to Additional Charges will also be reflected in these screens/functions:

- System Maintenance > Preferences
- Tenancy Screen - Payment Arrangements
- Tenancy Screen - Tenancy Transactions
- Property Screen - Room Rent Record
- Property Rent Review
- Manage Rooms Screen
- All Finance Screens (import and manual entry)
- All Centrelink Screens (CBUS and EVOR)
- Tenancy Letters Bulk Word Merge
- Bulk Email Statement
- Rent Review Screen
- Direct Debit Screen
- Various Exports (Weekly Rent, Current Rent, Tenancy Balances EOM Rent Agreement and Non-Rent Agreement)
- Occupancy Calculation

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