Utilities/Service charge not created when Generating Rent

Modified on Wed, 23 Dec 2020 at 11:59 AM

If you have set up a service or utilities charge in a tenant's Rent Record (i) but when you generate rent the charge is not showing in the tenancy transactions ledger (ii) you will need to ensure you have a system preference set to 'Yes' to generate these charges. 



1. Ask your System Administrator to go to the Home Screen> System Maintenance> Preferences> Finance:

2. Go to the Generate Service Fee/Generate Utilities Fee and change the relevant field from No to Yes:

3. Go back to the Tenancy screen of the Tenant with the charge. 

4. Double click on the Rent Charge that didn't have the additional Service/Utilities charge. Click Transfer this Transaction then Transfer to Buffer Account. 

5. Click Generate Rent. 

6. The additional charge will now show in the Tenancy Transactions ledger:

***Note If the charge still isn't being generated, look at the ID in the Transaction Type reference table (Home > System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Trasaction Type).  Chintaro uses set ID's for these charges.  The name of the Transaction Type is irrelevant, so you can't create new ones.  Just edit the existing ones.  Transaction ID's used for these charges are 95-100:


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