Chintaro SQLx version 2020.05.25 or later includes an option for Organisation's who use BPAY to include their Biller Code and Reference details on the bottom of Tenant's statements:

To add a BPAY Biller Code to the bottom of a Tenant's Statement

To add the BPAY details to the bottom of the Tenant's Statement, you need to first turn on the preference that enables this, through Home> System Maintenance> Reference Tables > Parameters.

Scroll down the left list of tables to the Parameters table and single click to select:
Scroll down the list of parameters on the right pane within the reference table to the BpayBillerCode parameter:
Update the number from the Parm Number column to your BPAY Biller Code. 

Exit the screen to save.

To add a BPAY Reference Number to the bottom of a Tenant's Statement

The Biller Reference on the BPAY section comes from the Payment Book ID of the Tenancy Screen. 

If there is a Payment Book ID entered, it will appear below the BPAY Biller Code.

To remove the BPAY Reference Number to the bottom of a Tenant's Statement

Open the Reference Tables by going Home > System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Parameters.

Remove the number from the 4th (Parm Number) column to remove the BBAP Biller Code details from the Tenant's Statement:

The BPAY information will no longer appear at the bottom of the statement.