Chintaro SQLx 2020.02.17 or later now includes the Manage Bonds screen that can be used to see the details of all Tenant's bond balances at a glance as well as reporting and managing bonds in Chintaro. 

Manage Bonds Screen

To open the Manage Bonds screen, click on the Finance Menu, then click on Manage Bonds

As with all Manage Screens in Chintaro, users can filter, search and save views on this screen using this solution: Using Search Screens in Chintaro 

All tenancies are listed by default. The rows can be filtered to provide overviews based on tenancy status.

For example:

To view current tenants only, filter by Tenancy Status and select Active and Active Arrears only. 

If you have a preferred view, you can click Save View to open to that preference by default. 

Users can also Print and Export this screen using the blue buttons at the top of the screen:

Bond Balance Reporting

The balances from the Tenancy> Bond Transactions> Tenant's Bond Balance screen are displayed as columns in this screen. 

To report on the Tenant's Bond Balances, filter the Manage Bonds screen for the rows you require, and hide or Unhide the columns that you require. Click Export to open and save the data as an Excel spreadsheet. 

To print from the screen, select columns and arrange the columns in the order that you require, then click Print.

For example, to export a report on Bond lodgements, hide the unwanted columns, filter the desired tenancies

Manage Bonds

To review the bond details for a particular tenant or to make changes and work with bond or bond lodgement transactions double click on the selected tenant's row to open the Tenancy screen and select the Bond Transactions screen by clicking the Bond Transaction blue button at the top of the screen. 

Enter or edit bond details.

Enter new bond transactions or transfer bond transactions if needed. 

Enter new bond lodgement transactions or transfer bond lodgement transactions. 

Click the Exit button or the Go back icon to the left of the Home icon on the toolbar to return to the Manage Bonds screen. 

Once you are back on the Manage Bonds screen, click the F5 function key to refresh the view and see the effect of any changes to the tenant's balances. 

For assistance with the Manage Bonds screen

For further assistance with the Manage Bonds screen, please contact