Chintaro SQLx includes an NDIS screen to record the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) data for your properties if they are SDA registered.

If you would like to record NDIS details for your Properties, from the Home Screen, click Properties > Manage Properties > double click on the row of the property you would like to add the details for > Disability:

The middle section of the screen will change to show a range of fields related to this Property's funding:

Dwelling IDAlphanumeric
NDIS RegionSelect from list
SDA RegisteredTick box
SDA Registered DateDate
SDA TypeSelect from list
Pets AllowedTick box
NDIS Building TypeSelect from list
Design CategorySelect from list
Max Accommodation UnitsNumeric
Overnight AssistanceTick box
Related Person Maintenance?Tick box
Breakout Room?Tick box
Number of RCDsNumeric
Last Termite InspectionDate
Garage Door TypeSelect from list
Anti-Tilt Bracket?Tick box
Tempering Valve?Tick box
Thermostatic Mixing Valve?Tick box
Last TMV InspectionDate