New Zealand’s Tenancy Services have implemented a requirement for Organisations who lease properties to Tenants to comply with property insulation standards (regardless of public/social or private rentals) and that all Tenants are made aware of the insulation in their rented property. All new Tenancy Agreements must be provided with an insulation statement detailing if there is insulation, where it is, what type it is and in what condition it is, so that Tenants can make an informed decision about accepting the offer for housing. 

The NZ Insulation statement can be completed in the Property Screen, under the Insulation Menu item:

Entering Insulation Information 

To enter the Insulation information about a Property in Chintaro, from the Home Screen, click Properties, then Manage Properties.  

Search for the Property that you wish to open and double-click on the row to open the Property record.

When the Property record opens, you will note that each property screen has a number of blue buttons on the top of the screen that allow you to enter additional information and perform other functions. 

Click on the Insulation button:

You will now see the Insulation Statement screen and can begin to populate it with the information pertaining to this property:

Once completed, click on the Print button at the top right of this window:

The Insulation Statement will now open into a Print Preview screen to enable you to send it to the Printer:

When finished, click Close Print Preview to return to the Property Screen.

If you are having trouble populating the Insulation Statement, please email for assistance.