If you are currently using Chintaro with an Access database backend and you are experiencing network problems, you may wish to move your data to our Cloud Environment. 

If you do so, you must understand the following:

  • Chintaro Support will move your entire Data folder to our Cloud environment. 
  • Chintaro Support will rename your existing Data files so they cannot be accessed. If you choose to change the name again and regain access, this is of your own choosing. 
  • The Chintaro.mdb file will also be stored in the Cloud environment and will be updated by Chintaro Support when version updates are released. This is on the proviso that all users are completely logged out. If users do not log out each evening, we cannot update you.
  • You will need to be running Parallels Client (free to download) on each PC that requires access to Chintaro Cloud.
  • You will need MDB Consulting's help to set up your Organisation in the Cloud and move your databases. This will incur a one-off administrative cost of $1000 AUD for the set up.
  • The cost for a Chintaro cloud licence is more than the local Access and SQL version.

Process for moving from a local installation to Chintaro Cloud

The process for moving to Chintaro Cloud will be as follows:

1) You will be provided with installation instructions for installing Parallels Client on each PC that requires access to Chintaro Cloud.

2) You will remove the existing Chintaro shortcuts from each PC.

3) You will provide us with your Data folder, including the MSAccess data files (rhmdat.mdb, rhmref.mdb, rhmaud.mdb and rhp.mdw) by COB (5:00 pm AEST) on an agreed day. 

4) The following day, we will hold a Go To Meeting with you and any other users who wish to learn how to set up the RAS connection for Parallels, log in, log out and navigate around Chintaro Cloud.

For further information

Please contact support@chintaro.com.au if you wish to discuss moving to Chintaro Cloud in further detail, or if you have any questions about the process.