Moving from Chintaro Access to Chintaro Cloud

Modified on Mon, 29 Aug 2022 at 12:06 PM

If you are currently using Chintaro with an Access database backend, you can choose to move your database to Chintaro Cloud to enjoy the benefits including:

  • Ability to access your database from any device with an internet connection
  • Gain access to Chintaro Mobile - the Chintaro app for Tenancy and Property Managers on the go
  • Chintaro Support applying all version updates, Centrelink rate changes (AUS only) and storing daily, weekly and monthly backups of your database
  • And many more! Click here for more features about Chintaro Cloud: Chintaro Cloud Overview

This solution details:

What do I need to know before we move?

Before you move to Chintaro Cloud, you will need to know that:

  • Your database will be converted to a SQL backend from an Access backend. Only the backend databases (rhmdat.mdb, rhmref.mdb and rhmaud.mdb) will be replaced by a SQL database.
  • The version of Chintaro which contains none of your data (ChintaroSQLx.accdb file) will still be an Access database.
  • Chintaro Support will move your entire Data folder to our Cloud environment. 
  • There are some differences between the functionality in the two versions, but you will be getting more screens and functionality than in your Access database. Non-essential updates have ceased for the Access version, and development has progressed further in SQL.
  • The 'Saved Views' for each user will be lost in the conversion. 
  • Chintaro Support will rename your existing Data files so they cannot be accessed. If you choose to change the name again and regain access, this is of your own choosing. 
  • You will need to be running Parallels Client (free to download) on each PC that requires access to Chintaro Cloud.
  • You will need MDB Consulting's help to set up your Organisation in the Cloud and move your databases. 
  • The cost for a Chintaro cloud licence is more than the local Access and SQL version.

Process for moving from a local Access installation to Chintaro SQL on the Cloud

The process for moving to Chintaro Cloud will be as follows:

1) You will be provided with installation instructions including installing Parallels Client on each PC that will be using Chintaro Cloud.

2) You will remove the existing Chintaro shortcuts from each PC.

3) You will provide us with your Data folder, including the MSAccess data files (rhmdat.mdb, rhmref.mdb, rhmaud.mdb and rhp.mdw) at an agreed day and time.

4) We will convert your database and advise when the conversion is complete. 

5) We will hold a meeting with you and your team (if requested) to show you how to log in to Parallels and Chintaro, set up your Outlook and link your printers. 

For further information about moving to Chintaro Cloud

Please contact if you wish to discuss moving to Chintaro Cloud in further detail.

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