Once your Chintaro Cloud environment has been set up, you can access Chintaro through any web browser. This Solution will show you how to log in to Chintaro using the web based Parallels site, and also how to log off. 

Accessing Chintaro Cloud through a Web Browser

Copy the following address and paste it in the URL of a web browser: https://chintarocloud.com.au:444/RASHTML5Gateway/#/login

NOTE: Save this address to your web browser bookmarks by right clicking in the toolbar, and selecting 'Add Page':

The following page will appear:

Enter the User ID and password that Chintaro Support have provided to you. Click 'Login'.

The Parallels browser will look to see if you have the desktop program installed:

Click "Open in Parallels HTML5 Client":

The following page will appear:

To access your Chintaro database, double click on the Chintaro Icon. A Parallels icon will appear connecting you to your Chintaro database:

When Chintaro has opened, you will be presented with a log on box. Enter your Chintaro username and password that has been provided to you by your Chintaro System Administrator (Your Chintaro username and password is not the same as the Parallels username and password.)


NOTE: If you are the System Administrator and this is the first time you are logging in, use the username sa and password sa. This is a temporary log on name that will be deleted after individual user ID's have been created for the Chintaro Users.

Chintaro will open:

NOTE: New Chintaro Users can be added by following the instructions in this Solution: Adding a new Chintaro User to the system

Logging off Chintaro from the Parallels Web Browser

When you have finished using Chintaro, click the Quit To Windows button. You will be taken back to the Parallels web page:

Click the arrow next to your Parallels user ID, and click Logout: