After you have installed the Parallels Client on your Desktop, you will need to import a file that Chintaro Support send you to access your Chintaro Cloud. Once you have saved the import file sent by support to your PC (either Desktop or Server), use the following steps to import the file. 

1. Open Parallels 

2. Click 'File' and 'Import Settings':

3. Navigate to the location that you saved the import file to. Select the import file, and click 'Open':

4. Your connection will appear underneath 'Connections':  

5. Double click the connection to view all applications:

6. Double click on the Chintaro icon to launch Chintaro. 

7. Repeat the process if you wish to import more than 1 RAS connection file.

What to do if you need assistance

If you need assistance with importing your Chintaro RAS Connection, please contact