If you would prefer to setup up your RAS Connection manually or are having trouble importing the setup file, follow this solution. First you will have need to installed Parallels Client on your desktop, to do this see this Solution: Installing Parallels Client for Chintaro Cloud

1. Start Parallels Client

2. To create a New Connection

a. Select File then select New Connection

b. Select Parallels Remote Application Server and click OK

c. Enter the fields as shown below:

        i. Primary Connection:                       chintarocloud.com.au

        ii. Connection Mode:                          Gateway SSL Mode

        iii. Friendly Name:                              your company name (i.e. Chintaro)

d. Click OK

e. Enter the fields as shown below

i. Authentication Type:                    Credentials

ii. Username:                                  <username> Enter the Username that Chintaro Support provided you for Parallels

iii. Password:                                  <password> Enter the Password that Chintaro Support provided you for Parallels

f. Tick Save Password

g. Click Options>>

h. Enter field the following fields;

         Domain:                         chintaro

         Port:                               444

         Primary Connection:     chintarocloud.com.au

i. Click Connect

3. Your connection will open to show Chintaro, Outlook, Word, Excel and Windows Explorer.

4. Double Click on the Chintaro icon and it will launch. Enter your password and username.

What to do if you need assistance

If you need assistance with setting up your RAS Connection, please contact support@chintaro.com.au.