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This article lists common questions that we receive about Chintaro Cloud.

How does Chintaro Cloud work?

We use a platform called Parallels Remote Application Server that extends Windows Terminal Services by using a customised shell, along with virtual channel extensions over the Microsoft RDP protocol. For more information about Parallels, please see this link:  

Users can choose to open Chintaro Cloud via the Parallels Client on their desktop or by opening Parallels RAS HTML5 Gateway from a web browser.

Parallels enables us to 'publish' applications to our users such as Chintaro, Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook and File Explorer. At the moment, with a local copy of Chintaro, Chintaro runs reports, word merges and sends emails with your local Microsoft Office Suite and File Explorer. As soon as a user goes 'live' with Chintaro Cloud, you will also need access to these programs which we publish to you from Parallels. The Chintaro Cloud database is held on an external server so we give users access to these programs through their Parallels logins which is accessing their profile on our server.

How do I log in to Chintaro Cloud?

Parallels allows us to manage who has access to what database. The first 'gate' is Parallels that requires a username and password and the second 'gate' is Chintaro. Users will have new credentials to log into Parallels with and then credentials to log into Chintaro with as well. It is important to note that Parallels has a save feature so the users (or IT) will only need to enter the credentials into Parallels once and then they can log in by double-clicking on the connection.

How can I print while in Chintaro Cloud?

Each time a user opens a Parallels session using Parallels Client on the desktop (logs into Parallels), the Client redirects your network printer and network drives. If a user disconnects from the session without logging off properly and then reconnects to a disconnected session - the printers will not reconnect. The redirection of network printers only occurs when opening a new session. Again, this will be an issue for users that are sharing a Parallels login and attempt to connect to someone else's disconnected session. So, if a user has disconnected and then reopens a disconnected session, the only printers they will be able to see are the system printers (in the screenshot).

Each user will need to have the default printer set in Parallels Client. For how to do this please see this solution: Setting up your Default Printer in Parallels Client

If your network printers are not redirecting, please then use this solution to adjust your configurations: Print jobs are not going to the default printer

How does licencing work?

When you purchase a Chintaro Cloud license, the amount of licenses that you have is the number of users that can be logged in at any one time. For example, if you have 1 user license and another user logs in at the same time, the first user will be kicked out of the session and the second user will take over the session.

For example, if an Organisation has 4 licenses for Chintaro this means that you will have 4 Parallels logins (user01, user02, user03, user04). Parallels can be installed on as many PCs as you like, it is free to download, so the only limitation is how many users can be logged in at once (4 users) which will need to be coordinated internally or managed by assigning licenses to particular users. If you find this number insufficient, please let Chintaro Support know and we can invoice you for an additional license and then set it up straight away for you (roughly a 30-minute turnaround depending on how many).

Please note, you can have as many 'Chintaro' users set up in the system as you like. The only limitation is how many users can be logged in at any one time. 

What security changes does my organisation need to make?

Chintaro Cloud uses Port 444 and some organisations may experience an issue logging in if their IT has this port closed. To open this port you will need to send a request to your IT provider. Please provide them with the following details:

  • Port: 444
  • Domain: Chintaro 

How do I send emails through Chintaro Cloud?

Users need to configure their Outlook profile on the Cloud copy of Outlook in order to be able to send emails from Chintaro Cloud. Chintaro looks for the local copy of Outlook and because you have launched Chintaro from our Cloud server, users will need to configure their account on their profile in Chintaro Cloud also using this solution: Configuring Outlook for Chintaro Cloud.

Please take into consideration that there is one copy of Outlook per Parallels user (user01, user02, user03, user04) and is important to note if you have multiple Chintaro users sharing the one Parallels account.

If you need to change the Outlook profile associated with a Parallels connection, get in touch with Support and we will make this change for you.

If you would like to know more about Chintaro Cloud

Please raise a ticket with Chintaro Support by emailing if you would like further assistance.

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