Chintaro Cloud is a cloud-based version of Chintaro. 


This means that your organisation's Chintaro database is held in the cloud, and you can connect to it and use Chintaro from any internet connected device. 

Chintaro Cloud allows you to run Chintaro from your laptop, mac or tablet, which means you can have complete access to Chintaro even when you are in the field.

Chintaro Cloud users will not have any Chintaro databases or files installed on their network or computer. 

Chintaro Cloud also comes with a copy of Microsoft Office, so you can perform all of your Word Merges and Excel exports from Chintaro without needing to have Office on your computer or device.

Whenever Chintaro is updated, there is no need to update Chintaro Cloud. It will all happen automatically - you will always be using the most current version of Chintaro.

Your data is secure. Chintaro Cloud hosting is provided by Amazon Web Services - experts in providing secure data to organisations all over the world.  

AWS is ASD  Cloud certified. You can read more about their security here.

Backups of your data will be done every night so you don't need to worry that your data is in danger. Chintaro Support will store your backups for the last seven days, the first day of the month and then the 1st July each year. You'll also be able to take additional copies of your backups (if that will help your organisation feel more secure or if you would like to store backups beyond what your licence fee includes.). 

Chintaro Cloud is scalable, meaning that as you grow the number of tenancies, properties and/or users, Chintaro will continue to work quickly and efficiently. 

If your existing Chintaro infrastructure is not performing well, Chintaro Cloud might be what you need.

Chintaro Cloud is built on a combination of Microsoft Access and Microsoft SQL Server (database), and uses Parallels Remote Application Server to provide you with the desktop experience.  You can read about Parallels RAS here.

If you are an existing Chintaro user, we can organise you a demo version (using your Chintaro data) so you can try it out for yourself.

To find out more about Chintaro Cloud just send an email to and tell us what you want to know.