Remote Access

If your organisation provides you with remote access, you can use an iPad, an Android tablet, or any other mobile device to access Chintaro. You would just need to use the relevant client on the mobile device to let you access your remote desktop.  Remember that Chintaro needs a screen resolution of more than most tablets will run, so some of the screens will need to be accessed by scrolling across.

Chintaro has plans to develop a mobile app to use on iPads but this is only a plan at this stage

Chintaro Cloud

If you do not have a remote desktop available in your organisation, you could move your Chintaro database to Chintaro Cloud.  Chintaro Cloud is a hosted platform MDB offers to run your Chintaro in a cloud environment. Here is some information about Chintaro Cloud: Chintaro Cloud Overview

If you move to Chintaro Cloud, all of your users will need to do so.  Chintaro cloud incurs an additional annual fee - please contact for further information.