Using Note Types for Reporting and Tracking Information

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Note Types are used to group different types of Notes together, so you can report on these groups. For example, you may want to know how many times you went to the state tribunal in the last year. By selecting a Note Type of 'Tribunal Attended', this will enable you to track and report on how many tribunal hearings were attended by month, quarter, year and so on. You can create as many different Note Types as you'd like to track and record anything in the system.

Adding a new Note Type to Chintaro

If there is a Note Type that is not currently in Chintaro but you would like to add it, ask your System Administrator to go to the Home Screen > System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Note Types (Note Types is for a Client/Tenancy Note; Note Type Property is for Property Notes; Note Type Property Maintenance is for Maintenance Task Note Types and Note Type Tradespeople is for Tradespeople Note Types). Select the applicable Note Type Reference Table:


In this example, we will be adding 2 new Note Types of 'TM Attended Tribunal Hearing' as we want to track how many times our Tenancy Manager's attended the state Tribunal in a period of time, and 'Outcome of Tribunal Hearing' as we want to track what the outcomes of the hearings entailed. 

In any Reference Table, always add a new entry in the line at the bottom of the screen, with the * in the row:

Enter the Note Type name in the highlighted field:

To enter another new Note Type, click on the line below the one you are in and type the other Note Type:

Exit the Reference Table screen. The new Note Types can now be selected in the Note Types drop down list:

Reporting on number of Note Types in a period of time

There are many ways to report or export data regarding different Note Types. Once way is to go to the Home Screen > Clients > Client Notes screen:

Filter the Note Type column to include the Note Types you'd like to report on (for example, 'Complaints' and click OK):

You can then filter on the Date Filters column to report on a period of time (for example 'This Month', 'This Quarter', etc):

Click 'Export' to export the data.

Another way to export data regarding Note Types is in Reports and Exports > Reports > Client:

All Client Notes reports have a filter at the bottom of the report as an option. If you would like to filter by a particular Note Type, select the Note Type from the drop down list - this will show the same Note Types as the Client Note pop up:

Once you have found the report / export you would like to run, cluck 'Print' or Preview' at the top of the screen. For further information on Note Types, please contact

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