Use this solution if you need to change the date/time format on your PC.

Step 1. Log out of Chintaro by either clicking on the "Quit to Windows" button or the "EXIT" button

Step 2. Open the Control Panel

Depending on your version of Windows, either search for the Control Panel using your Windows search function or click on the Start button and Open the Control Panel from the Start Menu:

Note: while the Windows "Settings" will provide a similar fix for date and time, it is not what is covered in this solution. Please use the Control Panel when following this solution.

Step 3.  From the Control Panel, Select "Clock, Language and Region":

Step 4. Click on "Change Date, Time or Number Formats" under the heading Region:

Step 5. A Pop-up box will open showing the current format setting

Update the fields Relevant to your Country/State as required and then click OK to apply.

If your settings are incorrect, they may appear as follows:

For Australian Chintaro users, change the Format to English (Australia):

For New Zealand Chintaro users, change the Format to English (New Zealand):

Step 6. Click on the Location Tab

Update the "Home Location" setting according to your Location.

E.g. Australia: 

E.g. New Zealand

Step 7. Check that your new settings have been applied and re-open Chintaro