At times, especially in smaller organisations, the main Chintaro user may leave your organisation and no-one will know their password to the system.

If this is the case, first try logging in with username sa and password sa. These credentials are the default username and password to Chintaro (sa = System Administrator) but they could (and should) have been deleted after usernames were created. 

If you have tried username sa and password sa and still can't log in, download the rhp.mdw zip file attached to the bottom of this article. 

Open your Downloads folder and unzip the rhp.mdw file. Copy this file.

Go to your Chintaro\Data folder, and paste the unzipped rhp.mdw file in this folder. 

Click 'Copy and Replace'.

Open Chintaro, using the username sa and password sa.

Set up other users. Click here to see how to add a new Chintaro user to the system.