Each person that uses Chintaro should have their own username and password for security and auditability purposes.  Only users with System Administrator access have permission for creating new users.

To create a new user, from the Home screen, click System Maintenance and then Security. Click the the New User tab: 

Enter a User Name (usually the person's name) with at least 4 letters and then enter a password in the New Password and Verify fields:

Click Add. A message will appear to state that the 'User NAME added successfully. Basic privileges have been set'.

Click the User Maintenance tab, and select the new User from the Select User box. If you want to promote the user to more privileges, select the User Role (or Level of access) they require.

If the user uses SMTP for email (email other than Outlook), enter their email address in the Email field and their display Name in the Display Name field.

If the user is using Chintaro Cloud and would like to use the Mobile App also, please enter their Mobile number in the mobile field:

If the user is using Chintaro Cloud but you do not want them to have access to the mobile app, tick the Exclude from Mobile App box.