When a Tenancy ends, you will need to vacate the Tenant from the Property in Chintaro.

Vacating a Tenant

From the Home Screen, click Tenanciesthen Manage Tenancies and search for the Tenant you wish to vacate. Double click on their row to open their Tenancy Screen. 

NOTE: If you are vacating the Tenant in Chintaro on a date that is not the date they vacated, you may need to reverse the rent back to the last day they paid rent for the room, to ensure you are not over charging them and only charging them for the days they were Tenanted in the Property. Click here to view the solution for: Tenancy Screen - How to reverse a Rent Charge for a Tenant

After you have checked the Rent has been charged to the last day the Tenant was in the Room, and you are ready to vacate them from the Property, click the Vacate button.

NOTE: If the Tenant is in arrears, a message will pop up asking if you would like to continue with the Vacancy. Click Yes to continue.

The Vacating Details pop up will open:

Tenancy Start Date: The first day the Tenant was charged Rent for the Room.
Tenancy End Date: Enter the date the Tenancy ended (this date will default to today’s date).
Tenancy Room Status: When vacating, a Room can be left in one of two states: Vacant Tenantable (the Room is ready to have another Tenant immediately) or Vacant Untenantable (the Room is not able to have a Tenancy as it requires cleaning, maintenance, etc.) Tick the appropriate box.
Reason for Leaving: Select the Reason for Leaving (if known) from the drop down list.
Exit Point: Select the Exit Point (if known) from the drop down list. 
Vacancy Outcome: Select the Vacancy Outcome (if known) from the drop down list.

No. of Bedrooms Exited To: Enter if used in your reporting. 

Exit Comments: Enter any relevant Comments about the Vacancy.

Click Vacate.

A warning pop up box will appear to confirm you want to continue with the Vacancy. Click Yes to continue.

Clicking Yes may open another warning pop up box, asking if you want to reuse the Payment Book ID that is linked to this Tenancy, for another Tenancy. Click Yes to reuse the Payment Book ID listed, or No to not reuse the Payment Book ID. 

The Tenancy will now be vacated. A date is now entered in the Vacated Date field. If the Tenant was in arrears when vacating, the words Vacated Arrears will appear underneath the Tenant’s name. If the Tenant was not in arrears, this will appears as Vacated. The Vacate button is disabled, and a note about the vacating has been created in the Notes section:


NOTE: Even though a Tenancy has been vacated, you are still able to enter transactions in to the Tenancy Transactions ledger on the Tenancy Record, or allocate payments via the Bank screens when a Tenant has vacated, but they have agreed to continue paying off their arrears.