The Property Transactions ledger is used to record costs and incomes associated with the Property. The ledger may be used to report internally about the incomes and expenses of the Property, or externally to the owner(s) of the Property.

To view the Property Transactions ledger, go to in to a Property Record, and click the  button.

The Property Transactions Ledger is similar to the Tenancy Transactions ledger, in that each transaction will have a date, amount, comments and an amount. Amounts will either be credits which will show in black, and debits which will show in red. EG: Accumulated Rent = black (income we have made on the Property), whereas Council Payments = red (expense for the Property).

You are able to print the Property Transactions ledger by clicking the  button, and enter an optional ledger start date from the pop up that appears: 

Some transactions will be created automatically, for example, rent. When we collect rent, the accumulated rent transaction will appear on the Property Transactions ledger. 

You can see the balance of the Property Transactions ledger at the bottom of the screen: