If you have attempted to use the Bulk Email Statements screen and have received a message ‘You may not have the MDB Consulting Printer Software installed properly. This is required to send statements via email. Please contact Chintaro Support’, you will need to install the MDB Consulting PDF Writer to your PC.  

The MDB Consulting PDF Writer is used to create the PDF Statements that will be emailed to your Tenants.

1.Download the zip file MDBConsultingPDFWriter.zip from the bottom of this article. 

2. If you are using Chrome, you will see the PDF writer appear at the bottom of the screen, otherwise, the MDB Consulting PDF Writer will be in your Downloads folder. 

3. Once the PDF writer has downloaded, you may get a warning –'MDBConsultingPDFWriter.zip is not commonly downloaded and could be dangerous'. Ignore this message by pressing the arrow button, and say 'Keep'. 

4. Double click the downloaded folder (MDBConsultingPDFWriter.zip), double click the folder to open, and double click on the Setup.exe.

5. You will get another message – 'Welcome to the MDBConsulting PDF Writer Setup program. This program will install MDBConsulting PDF Writer on your computer, do you wish to continue?' Click Yes. 

6. Choose a file destination, and click OK. 

7. Once the MDBConsulting PDF Writer has been installed, restart your PC. 

You will now be able to use the Bulk Email Statement screen in Chintaro.