If you are unable to see the full screen of Chintaro, you may need to change the screen resolution on your PC.  This solution is for Windows based PC's and laptops.

1. Go to the Display Settings on your PC (Right-click on your desktop, display settings).

2. Scroll down to Display - Scale & Layout.


3. It is recommended that you set the screen resolution as large as you possibly can.

EG 1920 x 1080.

If you are unable to set the resolution this high, try 1440 x 900.

4. Click Apply and OK.

5. If you are still unable to see the full screen make sure that the Chintaro screen is maximised.  Look at the very top right corner.  The box beside the x should not be a single box. The image below is NOT maximised:

The image below IS maximised.  This is what you want

6. If you are still having issues seeing certain parts of the screen, try clicking your mouse on various parts of the screen and clicking on the 'pg up' and 'pg dn' keys.  Try clicking on different field names and boxes on various sections of the screens, then press the 'pg up' and 'pg dn' keys each time.