If you have tried to run a report or export regarding occupancy rates of Rooms and no data is showing in the report, it will most likely be because you have not run the Occupancy Calculation for the period you wish to report on.The Occupancy Calculation function calculates 3 things: If the room was occupied, if the room was vacant tenantable or if the room was vacant untenantable (due to maintenance).

Please note: the Occupancy Calculation will take some time to run depending on how much data you have in the system.  

1.To run the Occupancy Calculation, go to Reports & Exports> Occupancy Calculation.

2. The Occupancy Calculation screen will open:

The left hand side of the screen will display all previous calculations that have been run in the exiting calculations section:

Calculation Date: the date the calculation was run

Start Date and End Date: The period of time the calculation was run for

Num Days: The number of days in the calculation period

The right hand side of the screen is used for new calculations. 

3. To run a new calculation, enter a calculation date, or leave it as the default of today’s date.

4. Enter the Calculation Start Date and the Calculation End Date for the period you want to calculate. Dates can overlap, but you shouldn't put in a future date because nothing can be calculated in the future. 

5. Click Calculate

6. The calculating will begin and the Processing Status will update. 

7. Chintaro will advise you when the calculation is complete

NOTE: The Occupancy Calculation should be run every time you Tenant a Client, vacate a Tenant or a Room is set to Vacant Untenantable. If you do not run the calculation, your reports will be incorrect. 

If you wish to re-calculate an existing calculation, click the existing calculation on the left to highlight it, then click the Create New Calculation button.

The Occupancy Calculation function is covered in the User Manual in Chapter 8:4 Occupancy Calculation.