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What is the Occupancy Screen used for in Chintaro Insights?

Chintaro Insights populates the Occupancy screen with the visualisations and data relating to room statuses and occupancy/vacancy rates.

Use the following section of this solution to find where the Occupancy screen is populated from within Chintaro. 


Accessing the Occupancy Screen in Chintaro Insights

After logging in to Chintaro Insights, to view the Occupancy screen from the Dashboard, click Occupancy > Analysis:

Occupancy Screen - Visualisation Reference Guide

Use the guide below to reference where the data on the Occupancy screen is coming from within Chintaro. 

Insights Section NameScreenshot in Insights
Reference within Chintaro
Occupancy RateThe percentage of time tenantable units were occupied.Reports>Property>Occupancy Report
Total Days VacantTotal days tenancy units were vacant during the year as a percentage of the average number of tenancies during the year
Reports>Property>Occupancy Report
Year Start TenanciesThe number of active tenancies at the reporting period.Manage Tenancies> Start Date and End Date
Year End TenanciesThe number of active tenancies at the end of the reporting period.Manage Tenancies> Start Date and End Date
Rent Foregone (Vacant Tenantable)The amount of rent (based on average rent for room) that was not charged due to a room being emptyStatutory Reporting Analyser> NRS 6.2.1 Rent Foregone
Occupancy Rate by ProgramThe percentage of time tenantable units were occupied by Program.
Reports>Property>Occupancy Report
Occupancy DaysGraph depicting the occupancy rates of total tenantable units by quarter. Reports>Property>Occupancy Report
Vacant Untenantable by ReasonGraph depicting the reasons provided for why the tenant vacated the tenantable unit, by most number of reasons. Manage Rooms>Room Details>Untenantable
Exits vs Maintained by ProgramGraph showing number of exits versus number of tenancies maintained by each program.
Manage Tenancies> Start Date and End Date
Occupancy DetailsDetail of data relating to occupancy visuals.
Manage Tenancies

For more information about the Chintaro Insights - Occupancy Screen

Please contact for further information about this screen, or any other screen in Chintaro Insights.

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