What is the Client Screen used for in Chintaro Insights?

Chintaro Insights populates the Client screen with the visualisations and data relating to Clients. The types of information that the screen presents includes client demographic and income information. 

Use the following section of this solution to find where the Client screen is populated from within Chintaro. 


Accessing the Client Screen in Chintaro Insights

After logging in to Chintaro Insights, to view the Client screen from the Dashboard, click Clients > Analysis:

Client Screen - Visualisation Reference Guide

Use the guide below to reference where the data on the Clients screen is coming from within Chintaro. 

Insights SectionInsights ScreenshotDescriptionReference in Chintaro
Average Weekly Client IncomeAverage weekly active client incomes.Clients > Manage Clients > Income total / number of Active Clients.
Active ClientsNumber of active client records.Clients > Manage Clients > Active flag = True
Active Income EarnersNumber of active client records with an income linked.Clients > Manage Clients > Income = True
Average Client Age (Years)Average age of active clients.Clients > Manage Clients > Date of Birth (Age) total / number of Active Clients.

Average Weekly Household IncomeAverage weekly income for a household in ChintaroClients > Manage Clients > Income total / number of households.
Alert Type by ClientGraph showing number of alerts applied to all active Client records.Client screen > Disability field
Main Income Type by ClientPercentage of highest income received for active clients for 9 most common incomes.Client screen > Income section
Clients by DisabilityTypes of disabilities active clients have identified that they live with.
Client screen > Disability field
Clients by HeritagePercentage of clients who identify as indigenous/non-indigenous.
Client screen > Aboriginality tick box (Y/N)
Clients by CountryPit chart showing percentage of clients born in different countries.
Client screen > Country where Born field
Age DistributionHistogram showing the number of active clients in each age bracket (x axis goes up by 5 year increments).Clients > Manage Clients > Date of Birth (Age) total
Total Clients with DisabilityNumber of clients identified as living with a disability.Client screen > Disability field
Total Indigenous ClientsNumber of clients who identify as indigenous.
Client screen > Aboriginality tick box (Y/N)

For more information about the Chintaro Insights - Client Screen

Please contact support@chintaro.com.au for further information about this screen, or any other screen in Chintaro Insights.