About the Chintaro Mobile App - Your Questions Answered

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Synchronising with Chintaro Cloud, the Chintaro Mobile app allows users to update their Chintaro Classic (desktop) database through a streamlined version of the system while out of the office visiting tenants and properties.  


Is the Chintaro Mobile app available on all devices?

Yes - the Chintaro Mobile app is available on all iOS devices (version 12 or above) including tablets, and Android devices (Version 7/Nougat).

How much does the Chintaro Mobile app cost?

The app is free and available to all Chintaro Cloud users.

I'm a Cloud User and I want to start using the app, where do I begin?

Before you can begin using the Chintaro Mobile app, you will need to complete two steps:
1. Enable the app functionality in Chintaro Classic (desktop version) 

2. Download the Chintaro mobile app from the App Store or Google Play store. 

Step 1 - Turning Chintaro Mobile API on in Chintaro Classic

Your System Administrator will need to go to System Maintenance > Preferences > System and set the API Enabled to Yes: 

Please note: The API Enabled parameter will be turned off by default and will require an administrator to enable the functionality

NOTE: Take note of the API ID in your API ID field as you will need this to log into your database.

Step 2. To download the Chintaro Mobile app your device

Click this link to see how to download and install the Chintaro Mobile app to your device.

How do I sign into the Chintaro Mobile app?

After you have downloaded the Chintaro Mobile app, there are now two options - one for Chintaro Sign-In and one for SSO Sign-In (Single Sign On):


If you log into Chintaro using a username and password: Most users will select Chintaro Sign In. The Chintaro Sign-in is to sign in using your usual Chintaro credentials and it uses the original screen:

If you use Single Sign On to log into Chintaro: SSO Sign-in is for the SSO sign-in and requires only the API ID to be entered:

Can I use Chintaro on my desktop and phone at the same time?

Chintaro users are only allowed to be logged in to either Chintaro Classic (Desktop) or Chintaro Mobile at any given time. If you log in to Chintaro Mobile while you are running Chintaro on your computer, then you will be prompted to log out:

Click No to keep your Chintaro desktop session open and running. A second licence will be allocated for your mobile app session. 

Click Yes to close your open Chintaro desktop session. Your licence will be transferred to your mobile app session. 

You can track your current licences on the Home screen in the Chintaro (desktop). More information about licences can be found here: Current Licence Usage

I'm not a Cloud user - can I use the app?

Only Chintaro Cloud users can take advantage of using the Chintaro Mobile app. If you would like to learn about the other advantages of moving your database to Chintaro Cloud, click this link to learn more or get in touch with our team by emailing support@chintaro.com.au.

We have multiple databases - how do we swap between accessing each individual database? 

Each database has been provided with an API ID which is unique to the database. The API ID of the database is automatically populated by Chintaro Support, and can be found in Chintaro > System Maintenance > Preferences > System > API ID:


To swap between databases in the app, remove the API ID field and key in the unique API ID of the database you want to view, as noted from the field in Chintaro Classic (Desktop version). 

We have basic (7AM-7PM) licences to Chintaro - will the data in the app be available 24/7 or just during these hours?

The data in the app can be accessed, and the functionality used, 24/7, regardless of your Chintaro Classic (desktop version) licence.

What Chintaro functions can I use in the app?

Users have a variety of property and tenancy management functions available in the app, including:

  • Create new tenants, as well as add or edit tenant personal and household information 
  • Update tenant contact or next of kin details 
  • See tenant balances, arrears information and transaction history in a simplified format 
  • View and update property information 
  • Create detailed notes quickly and easily

The next version of the app will include the ability to:

  • Raise and send maintenance tasks directly from the app

How do I provide feedback for the app?

We welcome any and all feedback on the Chintaro mobile app! You can help us improve the app for our users by sending your feedback in an email to support@chintaro.com.au or log your feedback in the App Store (or Android equivalent).

Do Chintaro Security settings apply in the Chintaro Mobile app?

The Chintaro Security settings do not currently apply to the Chintaro Mobile app. (This is an area for future development)
All features and data are available for all Chintaro Mobile app users. 

When is the next release of the Chintaro Mobile app expected?

The Chintaro Mobile app development team expect the next release to be available in November


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