Use this solution if you would like to set up SMTP Email in Chintaro in place of Outlook Email.

**Note: If you are hosting Chintaro on Microsoft Azure servers, there are additional steps that you will need to take.  Please follow the instructions for that in this solution: Additional Configuration Required for using SMTP with Microsoft Azure  (If you are using Chintaro Cloud, or host Chintaro locally, these additional steps are not needed).

Set up the parameters in System Maintenance

Before emailing using SMTP, you will need to ensure that the applicable parameters are set up in Chintaro. NOTE: Setting the parameters in this screen only needs to be done once for the whole database for one user. 

To do this, from the Home Screen, click System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Parameters and the following screen will open:

Click anywhere in the Parameters table and scroll down until you see EmailClient in the Parm column.

In the Parm Text column for EmailClient change text to SMTP

In the Parm Text column for Email From, Email Password, EmailSMTPServer and EmailUserName enter the credentials for your email.

In the Parm Number column for EmailSMTPServerPort enter the number of your SMTP server port (not the Parm Text field).

Set up the user email settings in Chintaro Security

To ensure that each user has the applicable email reply address and display name, these settings must be configured in the Chintaro security settings. 

To do this, from the Home Screen, click System Maintenance > Security > User Maintenance

  1. Click the User name to highlight it
  2. Enter the Reply to email address in the Email field for this user
  3. Enter the Display Name you wish for this user

Repeat these steps for each user