Chintaro Cloud can connect to your network drive through Parallels. This article details how to set up that connection.


Opening the Connection Window

  1. Open Parallels Client on your desktop:
  2. Right click on your Connection icon:
  3. Select Connection Properties in order to open the connection window:

Configuring the Connection

  1. Select Local resources:
  2. Click Configure drives:
  3. Make sure that 'Use all disk drives available' and 'Use also disk drives that I plug in later' are ticked. (Your available drives may differ to this screenshot below):
  4. Select Ok.

Verifying Changes Were Made

  1. Connect to Parallels.

  2. Open windows explorer in Parallels to check that the desired drives are available.

  3. Look for the Network section and check the available items in tsclient.
  4. The drives that you see there will be available to you within Chintaro Cloud.

  5. To ensure that your drives are available each time that you log into Chintaro, please make sure to log off Parallels client correctly: Logging off Chintaro from Parallels Client on your PC.

If you require further assistance from Chintaro Support

Please raise a ticket with Chintaro Support by emailing if you would like further assistance.