What's new in SQLX?

Modified on Tue, 25 Sep 2018 at 10:20 AM

Use this solution to see the system enhancements and bug fixes included in Chintaro SQLX.

System Enhancements:

The following enhancements have been made to the system:

Removal of RHP.MDW file: ChintaroSQLx.accdb is the SQL version of Chintaro which does away with the rhp.mdw file, and introduces a new MDB developed security system. This will allow MDB to develop more user orientated features in the future, and should provide some moderate increases in performance, as well as doing away with the continual maintenance of the rhp.mdw file.

Reference Tables > Case Managers added: This table is used if you have a System Preference set for Asylum Seeker = Yes. The Case Managers field is visible in Client > Refugee tab:

Audit Note for Deleted Maintenance and Forecast Maintenance Tasks: Deleted Maintenance Tasks and deleted Forecast Maintenance tasks will now appear in Audit > View Audit:

Audit Note for Reversed Rent Charges: Previously not audited, there is now an audit note is a user reverses the rent backwards using the Generate Rent function on the Tenancy:

Finance Enhancements:

The following enhancements have been made to the Finance Functions:

Processing Payments in bulk (Manual and Importing): Bank Account name will now appear in Tenancy Transaction Comments when processing transactions (either through importing a batch or manually keying in transactions in Manual Bank Processing / Manual Bank Processing (2 Line):

Multi Bank Import screens - Allocating Payments to Vacated tenancies: Added the ability to allocate payments to vacated tenancies from the bank processing screens (import and multi). There are often situations when users are receipting rent payments after the client has been vacated, and the end date of the vacated Tenancy will appear next to their name (if blank, current Tenancy):

Multi Bank Import screens - Tenancy Comments visible when Tenancy selected: Useful for if payment arrangements/splits have been changed by Tenancy Managers and Finance need to know how to allocate payments:

View Bank Accounts/ View Bank Account (2 Line): Ability to move negative amounts to 'Other Amount' 1,2,3,4,5.

View Bank Accounts/ View Bank Account (2 Line): Tenancy that the payment was allocated to will appear in Tenancy column. This applied for Clients who have been moved from one Tenancy to another. 

Manage Tenancy Splits Screen: Added a new screen under the Finance Menu to be able to Manage all Tenancy Splits from the one screen:

Columns added to Tenancy Balances search screen: 

  • Cost Centre
  • Bond Balance

Columns added to Tenancy Transactions screen:

  • Payment Method

Note Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the Note Functions:

'Sticky' Notes: Ability to pin multiple notes to appear at the top of the Notes list by date. This is useful if there are notes made for a Client/Property/Tenant/Maintenance Task/Tradesperson that are important, and need to be seen each time a user logs in to an individual screen (EG Client Screen, Maintenance Task Screen, etc):

Columns added to Client Notes screen:

  • Target Group

Property and Maintenance Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the Property and Property Maintenance Functions:

Inspection Details screen: Added the following fields, Smoke Alarm Checked and Working, Smoke Alarm Type, Lock Type, Cat Door and Evacuation Notice:

Maintenance Task screen: Copy This Task function will now close the current task and open the new copied task.

Time fields added to Maintenance Milestones: Time added to Reported Date, Actual Start Date and Actual Completion Date. Time elapsed field on Maintenance Task & Elapsed (Mins) on Manage Maintenance Tasks search screen:

Columns added to Manage Maintenance Tasks search screen: 

  • Scheduled Completion
  • Actual Completion
  • Invoice Paid
  • Tenant’s confirmation
  • GL Batch No
  • Invoice #
  • Completed Satisfactorily
  • Confirmed for Payment
  • Work Completed
  • Estimated Cost, Budget Cost, Actual Cost
  • Change ‘Item Name’ name to ‘Inventory Item’ for consistency 
  • City

Columns added to Manage Inventory Items search screen: 

  • Purchase Date (from Inventory Item in Property)
  • Purchase Price (from Inventory Item in Property)
  • Replacement Date (from Inventory Item in Property)
  • Replacement Cost (from Inventory Item in Property)
  • Warranty Expiry (from Inventory Item in Property)

System Maintenance Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the System Maintenance Functions:

Show Room Status on Home Screen: Preference added to be able to see an overview of all Room Status's on Home Screen (taking the place of Overdue Maintenance):

Preference located in System Maintenance > Preferences > System > Show Room Status = Yes.

Tenancy Enhancements:

The following enhancements have been made to the Tenancy Functions:

Columns added to Tenancy SMS (bulk) screen:

  • Tenancy Manager
  • Payment Book ID

Columns added to Tenancy Letters (bulk) screen:

  • Tags
  • Alerts

Reports and Exports Enhancements

The following enhancements have been made to the Report and Export Functions:

Queensland CHACA Report now included: Instructions on setting up the CHACA Report are here, and instructions on how to run the CHACA report are here.

Exporting Reports: Added a feature so that users can export Reports to PDF, Email, Excel etc. 

Reports included: 

  • Reports and Exports > Exports > Client > Client Emergency Contact List
  • Reports and Exports > Exports > Finance > Property Market Rents
  • Reports and Exports > Exports > Tenancies > Tenancy Activity for Period (Detail) 
  • Reports and Exports > Reports > Client > Client Emergency Contact List
  • Reports and Exports > Reports > Tenancies > Emergency Housing
  • Reports and Exports > Reports > Tenancies > Overdue Inspections
  • Reports and Exports > Reports > Tenancies > Tenancy Movement By Month
  • Reports and Exports > Reports > Tenancies > Turnover Data
  • Reports and Exports > NSW Reports > New Horizons Maintenance Export 
  • Reports and Exports > NZ Reports > IRRS Reporting > added Cost Centre and Owner to the report.

Word Merge Enhancements

The following enhancements have been added to the word merge text files:


  • Lounge Key Holder
  • Complex Emergency Contact
  • Translator
  • Smoker
  • Medical Concerns
  • Mobility Issues
  • Other Skills/Interests/Information
  • Next Of Kin Email
  • Next of Kin Email 2
  • Merge Field “Today + 65” to allow 60 days for Rent Review and 5 for Postage.
  • Next of Kin Phone Number
  • Joint Contact Number, Joint Email Address, Joint Next of Kin 1
  • Client Address
  • Client ID (CID) 
  • UPI / ISIP
  • Today+16
  • Today+17
  • Today+11
  • Rent Balance
  • Non-Rent Balance
  • Lease Frequency
  • Fortnightly Rent


  • Bedrooms
  • Bathrooms 
  • Property Type
  • Head Contractor
  • Date


  •  Actual Completion
  •  Invoice Paid
  •  Tenant’s confirmation
  •  GL Batch No
  •  Cost Centre
  •  Actual Cost excl. GST
  •  Invoice #
  •  Completed Satisfactorily
  •  Confirmed for Payment
  •  Estimated Cost, Budget Cost, Actual Cost
  • Tenant Charged


  • Client ID (CID) 
  • Rent Paid To Date


  • Client ID (CID) 
  • Bond Balance
  • Vacated Date
  • Tenancy Manager Name
  • Tenancy Manager Email
  • Tenancy Manager Phone

Bug Fixes:

  • Tradespeople Notes - Related Link hyperlink not opening - fixed.
  • Manual Bank Processing / 2 Line screens - Transactions processed with no date - fixed (now displays message that you must enter a date)
  • View Bank Accounts (2 Line) - unable to select Other Amount 1 Transaction Type when allocating through View Bank Account 2 Line screen - fixed. 
  • Report - All Clients Currently Housed exporting 'True' for all Centrelink confirmations - fixed.
  • Report - Client Note Summary By Client (including Minutes) - note count total inaccurate - fixed.
  • Export - Property and Maintenance > FHL Property Maintenance KIP - bug fixed.
  • Export - Tenancies > Arrears Concise - Tenants with no rent debit showing negative days in arrears - now show blank.
  • Creating a Maintenance Task and need to change Property, Tenant Details (names/phone) now change to new Property.
  • Tradespeople Word Merges - Removed error that occurred if there was no 'Postal City'. Word merge can now be run with or without this field populated.
  • Maintenance Action Note (Home Screen) - error 3075 when double clicking - fixed. 
  • MYOB V19 Export Rounding Issue - fixed
  • Chintaro Cloud - searching by Quickfind in Web Browser - funny characters (wingdings) appeared - fixed.
  • Property Manager, Head Contractor and Owner Shortcuts on the Property screen weren't working - fixed.
  • Report - Tenancies - THM Continuation - Vacated was getting an error message - fixed.
  • Reassign Property / Tenancy Manager bulk function - date last changed fixed.
  • Bulk Email Statements -  changed to TenancyID rather than the uSysID.ID.
  • Water Charge Receipts were getting an error message - fixed.
  • Report - Tenancies - Rent In Arrers (Concise) was getting an error message - fixed.
  • When vacating a tenant from the screens Direct Debit, Payment Arrangements, Edit Rent, Lease Details and Bond Transactions - this resulted in an error. Fixed.
  • Financial Status All (As At Today) report was not calculating correctly - fixed.

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