If you have printed a Tenancy Statement and the balance on the Tenancy does not match the final balance on the statement, it could mean 1 of 3 things:

1. What has been charged to the Tenant does not match what's in the Tenancy Transactions ledger

2. There is a transaction (or multiple transactions) without a Transaction Group

3. There is a transaction (or multiple transactions) without a date

Use this solution to determine how to rectify this issue.

Rent (and other charges) Record does not match Tenancy Transactions Ledger

If a user has edited the Rent Record but has not completed the correct process in editing rent, the Tenancy Transactions ledger will not equal the Rent Record and this will affect the Rent Paid To Date.

The steps to resolve this issue are:

1. Reverse the Rent back to the last date you are confident the rent was charged at the correct rate.

2. Click 'Edit Rent'. If the charges and dates are correct, leave it as it is. If the charges and dates are not correct, edit the rent record as required. 

3. Generate the Rent forward again

Use this solution to see how to correctly edit the rent (if it's been charged at the wrong rate).

There is a transaction (or multiple transactions) without a Transaction Group

Every transaction type that is added to Chintaro must have a Transaction Groups that it is allocated to. 

If a transaction (or multiple transactions) do not belong to a group, or they belong to the wrong group (EG a Damage Charge is allocated to a Transaction Group of 'Non Rent' rather than 'Damages') they will be ignored when you try and print a statement, in this case, Damages:

 The Transaction Group for Tenant Maintenance Charge is allocated to Non Rent, which does not appear in the balances at the top of the Tenancy.

To ensure all of your Transaction Types are allocated to the correct group, ask your Chintaro System Administrator to go to Home Screen > System Maintenance > Reference Tables > Transaction Type:

Scroll the bar at the bottom of the screen over to the right hand side, and find the Txn Group column:

Allocate every Transaction Type with a Transaction Group by clicking in the field and selecting the appropriate group from the drop down list:

Once all of the Transaction Types have been allocated with a group, the Balance of the Transactions will appear on the Tenancy screen and will also appear on the Transaction Group statement:

There is a transaction (or multiple transactions) without a date

Very rarely, there may be a transaction in a Tenancy without a date which will appear at the bottom of the ledger:

This will not affect the balance of the Tenancy, but will affect the Tenancy Statements as the transaction without a date will be ignored on a statement (EG in the above example, George Harrison is in credit $588.00 for rent, but in the below statement, he is only $488.00 in credit) :

If this is the case, you can send the transaction without a date to the buffer account and re-key it in, or email support@chintaro.com.au to assist you with entering the date in the back end of your database if finance have closed the period.