Use the steps in this solution if you have attempted to print in Chintaro Cloud, but the printer is defaulting to One Note. 

Ensure the Windows Default Printer is not selected

Locate your Printers & Scanners settings and ensure that "Let Windows manage my default printer" is ticked off. 

If it is currently on, please change the setting to off, log out or Parallels and then reconnect again.  


Attempt to print your document.

Match the exact Printer name

If the step above (Windows Printer is not selected) doesn't resolve your issue, open Parallels Client (on your Desktop):

Right click on the Connection name on the left hand side (EG your username / organisation name), and click Connection Properties:

In the Connection Properties pop up, click Printing:

In RAS Universal Printing > Redirect printers, select to redirect Specific Only: 

If you select 'Specific Only', you can select the printer from the list of printers below by ticking the box f the printer you would like:

Next, click Change Default Printer Settings.....

Set the default printer as your network printer (not "Default local printers") by selecting the appropriate Printer in the list, tick the Match exact Printer name tick box and click OK.

Change the 'Force Default Printer' field to 120 seconds and then Click OK:

If you have tried the 2 options above and are still unable to print

Please contact and advise the steps you have taken to resolve the printing issue.