From time to time in Chintaro we need to see a list of our Tenants with their corresponding Tags and or Alerts. To export this list please see the following Solution.

Tenancy Screen

Step 1: From the Home screen, go to Tenancy > Manage Tenancies to bring up your list of Tenancies.

Step 2:  In this screen, you'll see the column for Alerts and Tags (you may need to scroll across the page to see them - see the scroll bar circled in red at the bottom of the screenshot below). Once you have identified that these are the columns you wish to export, you can either export the whole screen or hide all other columns and only export those desired i.e. surnames and Alerts. 

To export, click the blue 'Export' button at the top of the screen. Once the data is in excel, you can use data filtering to further filter the export.

NOTE: If the Alerts column in not visible, you may need to 'Unhide' it. To do this, right click on any column heading and go down to 'Unhide Fields':


In this box, tick 'Alerts' on, if it isn't already.


Alternatively, you can use the export YCH-AOPI Active Tenancies At a Single Date, that shows alerts for Tenancies. 

Or the export Client Tags and Alerts (Complete), that shows alerts for Clients.