If you wish to change your Password from Parallels Client on your Desktop, see this solution.

1. Click on the Parallels icon either on your Taskbar or Desktop:

2. Parallels will open showing your RAS connection. This connection will be grey because you are not currently logged in. The name of this connection will be the name that you entered into 'Friendly name' when setting up the connection.

3. To connect, either double-click on the connection name or right click on the name and select 'connect'.

4. Your connection will log in showing the apps that you have access to and Chintaro.

5. Right click on your connection name and then select 'Change Domain Password...':

6. A pop-up box will open to prompt you to enter your current password before you can enter a new one. If you are unsure what your current password is please contact support@chintaro.com.au.

7. Enter a new password for Parallels.

Note: This is NOT your Chintaro password, this password is for logging in to Parallels only.

Click OK.