The Notes Section on the Client and Tenancy screens can be hidden from certain User Roles in Chintaro. Chintaro has 9 levels of security (Level 1 to System Administrator) and these User Roles are set by each organisation. User roles specify which screens the user role can see, or what they can't see, which buttons they can or cannot click and so on.

Below is an example of what the Tenancy screen will look like for a User Role with access to the notes section:


And this is what it would look like for a User Role without access to the Notes Section:


Restricting User Role access to the Notes Section on the Client/Tenancy Screens

From the System Maintenance Sub-Menu, click Security and the Security screen will open. Click on the Forms menu:

Forms Menu:

Scroll down to the bottom of this screen and add a new line populated with this information:

Form Name: fClientSub1        

Control Name: cSub1

Caption: Client Notes

Untick the relevant user role (i.e. Group 7) that you wish to apply this change to.

If you would like any assistance making this change or any other security adjustments please contact