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Chintaro has up to 9 levels of security that your organisation can set to define which user roles have access to each section of Chintaro (EG Finance, Tenancies, Reports and Exports). The levels of security also allow your organisation to allow or restrict access to individual screens within a menu (for instance, allow access to Finance menu but only Tenancy Balances screen) and enable you to restrict or allow access to fields or buttons on screens, depending on the role the user has within the organisation.  You must have System Administrator access to Chintaro to complete the steps in this solution.

This solution details how to restrict or allow access to functions or buttons on screens, and also explains how to make a field mandatory, if it is required for users to enter to ensure internal or statutory reporting compliance, and covers:

Understanding how the Forms screen works

To restrict access to fields or buttons on a screen, from the Home screen > System Maintenance > Security > Forms.

Below is a table of descriptions about each column on this screen:

Column NameDescriptionImage
Form NameThe Form Name column in the screen name in Chintaro. For instance, fArrears is the Arrears Management form. All of the buttons a user can click or fields a user can enter data into on the Arrears Management screen will show under the form name fArrears.
Control NameThe Control Name is the back end name of the button or field on the screen. 
CaptionThe Caption is the front end name on the button, or the field name. This is the column to search on when changing access for a user.
VisibleThe Visible column is ticked if you would like the field visible to all users and unticked if you do not want the field or button visible to all users.
MandatoryThe Mandatory column is ticked if you would like the field to be considered to be essential for data entry. If a field is made mandatory, the user cannot exit the screen if the field is left blank. 
Column 1 - Column 9The columns with the tick boxes in the Forms screen correspond with the User Roles in the User Maintenance Tab.

Column 1 is Level 1 access, Column 2 is Level 2 access, etc. The names of the User Roles may differ in your Organisation, but the User Role at the top is level 1, and the System Administrator is the highest level of access at level 9 (Admin only access only allows access to the Current Users screen).

User Maintenance > User Role:

Column 1-9:

Removing access to function or disabling fields and buttons on screens

To remove access to a function or to disable a field on a screen, search for the button or field name using the Caption text filters. Click the black arrow in the caption heading > Text Filters > Select the filter to apply (EG Contains)

For example, to restrict access to transferring transactions or notes to the buffer account, enter 'transfer' in the contains field for searching. When clicking ok, the screen will show all fields or buttons that contain the word 'transfer'.

To remove access to the field or button for a user role, untick the corresponding column number, for instance, unticking column 1, 2 and 3 will mean anyone with level 1, 2 or 3 access to Chintaro will not be able to transfer tenancy transactions:

The user will not be able to select this option (nothing will happen when they click on it) and fields that have had access removed will look greyed out as below:

Allowing access to restricted fields

If a user does not have access to a button or a field, but their user role should have access, open the Forms screen and find the caption that they require access to. Their user role will be unticked.

To allow access, tick the user role that corresponds with their role (NOTE: All users in this user role will have access to the button/field when the user role box is ticked).

Making fields mandatory for all users

If there are fields that you require all users to enter, find the caption name of the field you would like to make mandatory and tick the Mandatory box:

Once selected mandatory, a red box will appear around the field, like below:

NOTE: Mandatory fields will prevent users from exiting the screen without entering, and can cause users to enter incorrect data into the field just to leave the screen.

Removing fields from a screen's view 

If you wish to remove a field from the screen, search for the caption name you would like to remove (for example, Waiting List Type 3 and Waiting List Type 4) and untick the Visible box. Also untick all user roles that you would like to remove the field for (if removing for everyone, untick all user role boxes (1-9) like below:

The fields will disappear from the screen and will show blank, like below (Waiting List Type 3 & 4 usually appear under Wait List Type 2):

For further assistance with allowing or restricting access to forms

If you would like help with setting up your forms screen, please email for further assistance. 


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